Book Review: Getting Used to Success by H.J. Shalev

Title: Getting Used to Success: Develop an Invincible Mindset, Bolster Self-Confidence and Build Winning Habits
Author: H.J. Shalev
Genre: Nonfiction, Self-Help
Rating: 5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Are you self-aware, rational, and pragmatic, yet still unable to achieve the results you want in your management, business or career?

Success in business doesn’t solely depend on diligent planning, executing and ‘doing’. The ‘human factor’ plays a vital role in accomplishment and prosperity. As an executive or a business owner, your success depends first and foremost on your mental conduct. It’s not enough to learn tactical methods and techniques, or plan a strategy; in order to succeed in today’s competitive reality, you must first tackle your mental side and reprogram your ‘operating system’. Once you do that, you can eliminate what is blocking your success, excel your execution and break through!

Effective methods and tools to earn more money

The “Getting Used to Success” book reveals a unique methodology developed by H.J. Shalev, which he first implemented on himself in his dramatic career change back in 2005. Ever since, he has used this methodology to help about 1,000 clients in over 10,000 hours of coaching, to reach breakthrough results in their businesses, management and careers.

This methodology is brought to you here, step by step, in an effective, structured, practical and applicable way. This unique book combines the mental and the physical, spiritual and tangible, ‘being’ and ‘doing’ aspects needed to succeed in business today.

Getting Used to Success, as the title suggests, is a self-help book created in order to help people cultivate the necessary mental conduct in order to achieve success. Showing several effective methods to better your career and earn more money, the methodology explained in this book is rather straight-forward and easy to understand, but in a good way, allowing everyone to understand the step-by-step plan to become more successful.

Success is a combination of many factors, and it’s exactly the right combination that allows someone to succeed in every task they perform. Passion, dedication, talent are just some parts of the equation, but there’s much more to it: success is a habit. And a habit, you can develop – meaning that everyone can become successful.

This was an excellent, thought-provoking, detailed book that I would recommend to everyone who wants to be successful in life; and don’t we all want that?

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