Book Review: Parkinson’s? You Must be Joking! by Alona Golan Sadan

Title: Parkinson’s? You Must be Joking!
Author: Alona Golan Sadan
Genre: Nonfiction
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Life with a parrot on my shoulder . . .

“You’ll have to get used to this disease,” said the doctor. “You’ll carry it on your shoulders all your life.” I immediately thought of Jack Sparrow’s parrot…

After years of trembling, stumbling, and difficulties that seemed natural to one who is no longer a spring chicken, Alona Golan Sadan discovered that she actually had Parkinson’s. She tells openly and with humor about dealing with this strange new bird in her life. Misdiagnosing doctors, alternative therapists who claimed aliens were following her, and the unfortunate (for her!) discovery that she now needs to do intense physical activity – these pitfalls become easier as Sadan helps her readers to look at them cockeyed and find what is amusing in them.

A sense of humor is not enough.

Also featured is the added value of expert advice. Renowned neurologists, psychologist, dietitians and additional experts from different fields, also weigh in with articles in their fields, including a chapter on rights and governmental benefits for Parkinson’s patients in the US.

An absolute must for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s, family members, friends, and professionals.

In Parkinson’s? You Must be Joking!, author Alona Golan Sadan describes how she had suffered from various symptons for years, until she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She tells candidly, and with a sufficient dose of humor, about dealing with this disease, and finding a place for it in her life. Also included is expert advice, from renowned neurologists and psychologists, who give tips for how one can make life bearable, even with a disease like Parkinson’s.

I would recommend this book to everyone who has Parkinson’s themselves, or who has a family / relative or friend with the disease. It’s an eye-opening read with lots of medical advice, tips on how to handle the knowledge of having such a disease, and a good dose of humor added in as well.

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