Book Review: Dirty Tricks Box Set (Bullies of Brentmoor Academy #1 – #4)

Title: Dirty Tricks Box Set (Bullies of Brentmoore Academy #1 – #4)
Author: Ryan Ramsay
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Reverse Harem
Rating: 2 stars
Purchase: Amazon

Read the entire series that Amazon reviewers have described as being “well written,” “very entertaining,” with “great characters,” “lots of surprises,” and steam so hot that it’s like “a bunch of chili peppers!” -From reviews by Amazon Users ILikeBooksBest, Amber Johnson and Kindle Customer.

Brentmoor Academy is where ultra-rich kids go. And now, to my surprise, it’s where I go too, thanks to surprise tuition the celebrity father I just found out I have sent me after my mother died. I thought dealing with grief was enough to nearly kill me. But now I also have to deal with the most popular and elite students who make up Brentmoor’s infamous “Council” relentlessly bullying me because they don’t think a poor girl like me belongs here, no matter who my father is.

But three of the Council guys are hot, and I swear they have a crush on me. Scruffy but studly Sebastian is a rebel from old money, nerdy-cool Braxton didn’t even need his billionaire dad to get him in because his grades were so stellar on their own, and handsome Harrison is the musical bad boy son of a rock and roll star.

These three guys might look down their noses at me, but I can’t help noticing that they’re staring at my curves while they do it. And even though they kind of take part in the cruel jokes, it seems to be in a teasing way. Or is it that they’re even trying to help me?

It’s hard to know what’s really going on since Brentmoor and its elite lifestyle are like a whole new world to me and I’m not part of these guys’ inner circle. But it starts to become abundantly clear that they want to be in my, um… inner circle… all three of them, at once, in fact.

I decide to use one of them to get back at the rest of the members of the Council, especially the mercilessly catty female students. But it’s hard to decide which one of the three guys to choose, and from the way they’re all fawning over me together, I’m starting to wonder if I even have to.

Am I doomed to live alone in the hell that is Brentmoor forever?
Or can I get revenge, pleasure and maybe even love, with 3 bad boy bullies at once?

This box set contains the complete Bullies of Brentmoor series: Dirty Deeds, Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies and Dirty Love. Note: These books are about three damaged alpha males and the feisty, curvy female student who stands up to them until they’re all on their knees begging to please her! The set contains mature language and scenes, including high heat steam, and potential triggers related to bullying. Although there are some cliffhangers in the individual books, everything is resolved by the end of this complete series collection, for your binge-reading pleasure.

Dirty Tricks is a box set featuring the complete Bullies of Brentmoor series: Dirty Deeds, Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies and Dirty Love.

Technically, this book seemed to have all the elements I usually enjoy in contemporary romance reverse harem books: heroine doesn’t have to choose (therefore, reverse harem), bullies, enemies-to-lovers, extremely wealthy people who can fly to the other end of the country on a whim (which always reminds me of Gossip Girl, one of my favorite series).

Unfortunately, although the book should have been right up my alley, I didn’t enjoy it that much. It’s actually a DNF for me, since I gave up right after Dirty Secrets.

The heroine is such a push-over that it isn’t even funny anymore. People can torment her all they want, but if they also happen to be hot, she’ll decide to forgive them in a millisecond and go to bed with them because she simply can’t resist their charm. Uhm, no. I’m all for enemies-to-lovers and the attraction that can occur between people who hate each other, but it’s not even that here. It’s like all of her animosity just vanishes in the blink of an eye because a hot guy wants her. No matter what they did wrong.

Most of the girls are mean girls. Stereotypical, standard mean girls, without any reason whatsoever for being so. The romance wasn’t very believable either. For example, one of the guys tells the heroine that he loves her but it’s totally out of the blue. They haven’t even interacted up to this point besides some glares. Sure, Edward Cullen, sure. The dialogue was also quite childish at times, and none of the characters seeemd to act their age.

There wasn’t much in terms of plot besides the romance and bullying, and that got tiring fast. I wanted to like this book, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

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