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Entertainment is changing forever. Comedies, dramas, and reality TV shows are out. Murder is in.

In a world where murder is being exploited on TV, viewers watch live assassinations for their own entertainment. A hit game show where the challenge is to kill arises, stirring up remarkable popularity. Millions of viewers all across the globe watch it, vicariously experiencing the thrill of murder without ever committing the crime. And they all love it. Murder is the world’s latest and most remarkable excitement turned entertainment. But what happens when it goes too far?


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The Perfect Game was an epidemic, a poison, a drug and although he knew it was bad, it was so addictive, so entertaining, so thrilling that Jeff simply could not stop. He loved The Perfect Game, loved how it changed him, strengthened him, darkened his moral and ethical views. It gave him this feeling of power, omnipotence, and violence; murder was a game, and he could do it freely. And it felt so good.


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