Reviews A

An alphabetical list of authors by last name and their books reviewed on the website.


Abbott, Garry

The Great Connection: Worlds in Waiting

Abdullah, Shaila

Rani in Search of a Rainbow

Abshire, Mary

Claiming the Evil Dead

Catching an Evil Tail

Abstan, Michael

Through the Door

Acerbo, Lisa

No Trouble At All

Adamaian, Ella

His Name is Killian

Addison, Cara

Passion, Power and Privilege

Admans, Jamie

Afterlife Academy

Adornetto, Alexandra

Ghost House

Aguila, Kari

RUN Ragged

Agyekwena, Bernice

The Beardless Man of Tornabia & Other Stories

Aharoni, Ada

From the Nile to Jordan

Ahlborn, Ania

Within These Walls

Aimes, Alison


Akthar, Zamil

Song of a Dead Star

Alexander, J.C.

Down to Business

Allen, Chevelle

Her Love & Regrets

Allen, K.K.

Enchanted (The Summer Solstice #1)

Allenger, Herb

Polyxena: A Story of Troy

Allyn, Anya


Almos, Angelia

Unicorn Keep

Alon Amir

Three Minutes of Eternity

Alyssa, Auch


Amadis, S.E.

In The Prison of Our Grief

Ambrose, Derek J.

Taxi Driver to Doctor

Ament, Allan

Learning to Float

Ames, Ritter

Counterfeit Conspiracies

Amir, David

Born Leaders

Amir, Giora

A Simple Life

Amir, Nina

The Author Training Manual

Amorim, Izai

On The Run

Amsden, Christine

Madison’s Song

Kaitlin’s Tale

Anderson Coats, J.

The Wicked and the Just

Anderson, Jordan R.

For A Glimpse Beyond The Terminus

Anderson, R.J.


Andrijeski, J.C.

Rook (Allie’s War #1)

Rook (updated version 2017)

Angelo, Matthew

A Slaughter of Angels

Anna, Vivi


Annandale, David

Gethsemane Hall

Ansell, Derek

Sex and Sensibility

Ansky, S.

The Dybbuk and Other Writings

Apicello, EJ

Your Crossroads. Your Choice.

Arama, Dana

A Blue-Eyed Asset

Archer, Ursula P.


Ari, Miron Ben

Stormy Waters

Arnold, Carolyn A.

In The Line of Duty

Aruna, S.P.

Girl Within Girl: Unraveling

Girl Within Girl 2: Healing

Ashton, Brodi


Asulin, Gabriel

Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business

Atkinson, Jason

Seven Threads

Austin, Max

Duke City Desperado

Avery, Madison

Capturing the Muse

Aveyard, Victoria

Red Queen

Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)

Ayscough, Ben

The Visitor

Ernie and the Evils of Insurance