Reviews G

An alphabetical listing of reviews, sorted by author last names.


Gal, Shirley


Galkin-Smith, Aliza

The Fat Man’s Monologue

Gallagher, Diana G.

Mist and Stone (Charmed, #18)

Gangeri, Alyssa

Mimi’s Adventures in Baking Gingerbread Men

Gardner, Donna

Pearls and Tools of Wisdom for Parents & Children

Gardner, Lisa

Fear Nothing

Garr, Amber

Promises (Syrenka #1)

Betrayal (Syrenka #2)

Arise (Syrenka #3)

Gates, Gabriel J.

The Sleepwalkers

Gaughan, Evie

The Cross of Santiago

Gavan, Danielle

Possession is Nine Tenths: Ardeur

Gavin, Andy

The Darkening Dream

Gebhard, Mary Catherine

You Own Me

Geers, John

Emerge Beyond Circles

Geffen, Adiva


George, Christina

Shelf Life (The Publicist #2)

George, J.A.


Gerovac, Larry S.

The One Path

Getz, Leo

A Random Traveler

Ghulam, Elen

Spoonful Chronicles

Giacomo, Marc A.

In A Small Town

Giambanco, V.M.

The Gift od Darkness

Gibson, Jessica

Mark of The Witch (Boston Witches #1)

Chasing The Witch (Boston Witches #2)

Giebfried, Laura

Damnatio Memoriae

Gifune, Greg F.

House of Rain


Oasis of the Damned

Orphans of Wonderland

Giglio, Peter

When We Fall


Gisby, Annette

The Chosen

Gisby, John

New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer

Glines, Abbi

The Vincent Boys

Godek, Greg and Winters, Anastasia

A Hard Days Night

Gojkovic, Zorica

The Workings of Energy in the Human Energy Field: A Psychic’s Perspective

Goldenberg, Alisse Lee

The Strings of The Violin

Goldenberg, Michael

How To Catch Your Mate

Goldfond, Joshua

The Hunting of the Bubblenuff

Gonen, Rivka

Rahab and Joshua – A Biblical Love Story

Goodman, Roberta

Snow Escape

Goolsby, Lenae

Seven Sundays to Sweet Inner Serenity

Goth, Mith

War Town

Gough, Tanya Karen

Root Bound (Emma and The Elementals #1)

Govaere, Devin

Bootleg Cove

Grace, Olivia

The Affair

Graham, Heather

Waking the Dead

The Hexed (Krewe of Hunters #13)

The Cursed

Graham, Stacey

Haunted Stuff: Demonic Dolls, Screaming Skulls and Other Creepy Collectibles

Grant, M. Gail

Magdalena Gottschalk: The Crooked Trail

Gray, Daniel

Why Women Cheat

Gray, Jami

Shadow’s Moon

Gray, Nancy

Blood Rain

Blood Moon

Green, Gary

Rebecca’s Initiation

Green, Nick

Project Firebird

Green, S.C.

The Sunken

Greene, Ann R.

Stones of Caron

Gregory, Sebastian

The Asylum for Fairytale Creatures

Grese, Darla M.

Sister Surrendered

Greylock, T.L.

The Blood-Tainted Winter

Griffin, A.M.

The Guicai Talisman

Griffin, Bethany

The Fall

Griffith, Kwen D.


Griffiths, Elly

The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway #1)

The House at Sea’s End (Ruth Galloway #3)

The Woman in Blue (Ruth Galloway #8)

Gross, Adrian

The Goddess and the Great Beast

Gudenkauf, Heather

One Breath Away

Guidoccio, Joanne

Between Land and Sea

Gunhus, Jeff

The Torment of Rachel Ames

Gunn, Daniel G. & Soares, L.L.

Nightmare in Greasepaint

Gutierrez, Josefina

The Shadow of Loss