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An alphabetical listing of all reviews on this website, first by author’s last name, then by title.


Habel, Lia

Dearly, Departed

Hahn, Mary Downing

One for Sorrow

Hahn, Lisa


Hai, Haim Ben

Thirty Shades of Happiness

Halevy, Ya’akov

The Journey to Magmatic

Halfwerk, Su


Hall, Alex

Beastly Manor

Hall, M.J. & Bathgate, R.J.

Darkview: Psychosis

Halle, Karina

Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror #1)

Red Fox (Experiment in Terror #2)

The Benson (Experiment in Terror #2.5)

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror #3)

Lying Season (Experiment in Terror #4)

Hallman, Harry

Mercy Row Retribution

Hamantaschen, J.R.

You Shall Never Know Security

Hamer, Katie

The Girl in the Red Coat

Hamilton, Duncan M.

The Tattered Banner

Hand, Cynthia

Hallowed (Unearthly #2)

Hanes, Tami

Living in the Shallows

Hannah, Sophie

The Orphan Choir

Harbison, Paige

New Girl

Harbon, Marie

Seven Point Eight (The First Chronicle #1)

Hardin, Olivia

Shifty Business (Bend-Bite-Shift #3)

Harker, R.J.

An Infinite Sorrow

Harkness, Deborah

A Discovery of Witches

Harmon, Kenneth W.

Ghost Under Foot: The Spirit of Mary Bell

Harper, Karen

Shattered Secrets (Cold Creek #1)

Harrell, Renée

Something Wicked

Harries, Windsor


Harris, Julie

No Exit

Harris, Samantha E.

Fighting Malevolent Spirits

Harrison, Emma

Something Wiccan This Way Comes (Charmed, #17)

Harrison, Kathryn

While They Slept

Harrison, Kim

The Operator

Harry, Paul T.


Hart, Camellia

Chasing Eva

Hart, Christine

In Irina’s Cards

Hart, Lauren T.

The Aeon Star

Harvey, Alyxandra

Haunting Violet

Hatfield, Nicole


Hawkes, Amanda

Elderwood Manor

Hawkins, Destiny

Aveena: The City of Gold

Hays, Clark

Red Winter

Hayward, C.J.S.

The Luddite’s Guide to Technology

The Best of Jonathan’s Corner

Hayton, Christine


Head, Matthew


Hendrickson, Nancy

How to write for Kindle: A Non-Fiction Book in 72 Hours or Less

Herbert, James


The Secret of Crickley Hall

Herren, Greg

Lake Thirteen

Herrmann, Lee

Journal of a South-African Zombie Apocalypse

Hess, Kelly

The Fool’s Apprentice

Hessel, Shalva

Married to the Mossad

Hickman, Tracy & Hickman, Laura

Unwept (The Nightbirds #1)

Hill, Ashley

Celebrating The Journey

Hill, Bonnie Hearn

Ghost Island

Hill, Susan

The Woman in Black

Hilley II, Leonard D.


Hilliard, Nathan D.

Shades: Eight Tales of Terror

Hinbest, Wendy

Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park

Hinderer, Kate

The Moonlight Serenade

Hipp, Helen C.

A Different Kind of Safari

Hite, Ann

Ghost on Black Mountain

Hocking, Amanda

Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1)

Torn (Trylle Trilogy #2)

Ascend (Trylle Trilogy #3)

Hodel, Steve

Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder

Hogarth, Ainsley

The Lonely

Hogan, J.K.

The Serpent’s Fate

Hogarth, Ainslie

The Boy Meets Girl Massacre

Hoh, Diane

The Invitation

Holborn, Hannah

All That Remains (A Missing and Exploited #1)

Strange Lineup (A Missing and Exploited #2)

The Solitary Bee

Holland, Jane

Girl Number One

Hollander, Yuval

Slowly Melting

Holt, Anne


Holt, Jackie Trippier

Freaks Like Us

Holt, Travis Hallden

Unholy Bargain

Holzer, Hans

This House is Haunted: True Encounters with the World Beyond

Hoornaert, Edward

The Triumph of Tompa Lee

Hope, Paul

Policing the Paranormal

Horne, T.R.

Breaking Möbius

Horsman, Paul E.

Lioness of Kell

Hotston, Stewart

A Family War

Houff, S.J.

Spring Blessings

Hounam, Donald


Howard, Lyle

A Trace of Revenge

Howard, Margaret O.

Lalin Bonheur

Hubbard, Jenny

And We Stay

Huffman, Heather

Waiting for You

Hunt, C.V.


Hunt, Loribelle

Kiss of Darkness

Hunter, Faith



Huntington, Geoffrey

Blood Moon (The Ravenscliff Series #3)

Hurley, Michael

The Vineyard

Hyman, Laurie

Sweet Tales: The Adventures of Brittany and Lace