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An alphabetical listing of all reviews sorted by author last name.


Maas, Sarah J.

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1)

A Court of Thorns and Roses

MacCallum, E.M.

The Demon’s Grave

MacDonald, Nicole

The Arrival (Birthright Trilogy #1)

Mack, Cherrie


Mackey, Cheryl S.

The Unknown Sun

MacLachlan, Craig

Summer’s Shadow

Madison, Dakota

Fire on Ice (Fire on Ice #1)

The Playmaker (Fire on Ice #2)

Community Service

Maestas, Bernard

Godwin’s Law

You Think This is a Game?

Mahal, Jennifer

All Hallow’s ABC

Maitland, Karen

Company of Liars

Malfi, Ronald

The Mourning House

Little Girls

A Shrill Keening

The Night Parade

Bone White

Mallet, Nathalie

The Princes of the Golden Cage (The Prince Amir Series #1)

The King’s Daughters (The Prince Amir Series #2)

Death in the Traveling City (The Prince Amir Series #3)

Mallet, Xanthe

Mothers Who Murder

Malul, Rafael

Broken Code

Mann Bernad

David & Avshalom: Life and Death in the Forest of Angels

Mannino, Christopher

School of Deaths

Mannino, Rachel J.


Manzari, Christine


Marie, Tya

A Brooklyn Love Affair

Mariotte, Jeff

Mirror Image (Charmed, #19)

Marks, Cherie

Wicked Jackal

Marsden, Monty

The Missing

Marshall, Helen

Hair Side, Flesh Side

Marshall, R.A.

The Portal & The Panther

Martin, Matthew Quinn

Night Terrors

Martin, Linda M.

This Bird Flew Away

Mason, Jamie

Three Graves Full

Mason, P.R.


Masterton, Graham


Plague of the Manitou

White Bones (Katie Maguire #1)

Matthews, John

The Mystery of Spring-Heeled Jack

Mathieu, Jennifer

The Truth About Alice

Mauldin, B.N.


May, Janis Susan

Timeless Innocents

Mayshark, Loren

Inside the Chinese Wine Industry

McBride, Michael

Ancient Enemy


McCarry, Sarah

All Our Pretty Songs

McCartney, Mallory

Black Dawn

McCarty, Petie

The SEAL’s Angel

McClure, Robert

Deadly Lullaby

McCole, Judyann

Adela Arthur and The Creator’s Clock

McCormally, Anna Carolyn

The Six Days

McDonnell, John

13 Horror Stories

McEachern, S.M.

Sunset Rising

McFadyen, Cody

Abandoned (Smoky Barrett #4)

McFall, Kathleen

Red Winter

McGarry, Katie

Pushing The Limits

McGowan, Maureen

Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer

Cinderella: Ninja Warrior

McHugh, Jessica

Rabbits in the Garden

The Sky: The World

McKay, Emily

The Farm (The Farm #1)

The Lair (The Farm #2)

McKenna, Kathleen

The Wedding Gift

McKenzie, Lee C.

Sudden Secrets

McKenzie, Paige and Sheinmel, Alyssa B.

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

McLaughlin, Krystal

The Witches Lottery

McMahon, Gary


Reaping the Dark

McMahon, Katharine

The Alchemist’s Daughter

McMillin, Mark M.

The Butcher’s Daughter

McNulty, Bridget

How To Write a Book (even if you never have)

McNulty, Janet

Liberty’s Torch (Dystopia #3)

McQuillan, Alexis

Encounter with Hell

Mead, Richelle

The Indigo Spell (Bloodlines #3)

Shadow Heir (Dark Swan #4)

Meade, Emma

The Awakening & Other Stories

Meadows, Jodi


Megged, Nahum

When Time is Cracked and the Trees Cry

Meikle, William

The Hole

Broken Sigil

The Exiled

Meisch, Andrea

The Ghost in the Coal Cellar

Mellon, Kat


Mercer, Aldous

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Metcalf, Dawn

Indelible (The Twixt #1)

Metcalf, Karen

In the Storm

Meuwissen, Amanda

Changeling (The Incubus Saga #2)

Sidhe (The Incubus Saga #3)

Life as a Teenage Vampire

Meyer, Elle

Living The Thin Life

Meyers, Kate Kae

The Vanishing Game

Mickelson, Caroline

Witch Weigh

Mikado, Lena

My Journey to the Ocean

Miles, Reuben

The Boy Who Spoke To Stars

Miller, Daniel Jude

Earclaw and Eddie

Minkman, Jen

Shadow of Time

Minerd, Jeff

The Sailweaver’s Son

Misgav, Menahem

5th Floor Below

Mitchell, Caroline

The Silent Twin

Mitchell, Erika

Bai Tide

Mitchell, Saundra

The Vespertine

Mitchell, Ty

The Color of Love

Mitchell, Vanessa & Estep, Richard

Spirits of the Cage

Mlek, Kata

One God: The Will To Power

Moffitt, Letitia L.



Moguez, Brenda

Loving is Good

Nothing is Lost in Loving

Moiser, Liam

Moore Field School and the Mystery

Moison, Dana V.

The False Mirror

Monahan, Hillary

Mary: The Summoning (Bloody Mary #1)

Moncrieff, J.H.

The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave

City of Ghosts (GhostWriters 1)

The Girl Who Talks to Ghosts

Montané, Diana

Missing & Presumed Dead

Montenari, Richard

The Stolen Ones

de Montigny, Suzanne

The Shadow of the Unicorn II: The Deception

Moon, Chris & Moon, Paulette

Ghost Box

Moon, Chrissy


Moreland, Brian

Darkness Rising

Morey, Mark

One Hundred Days

Morgan, Ann

Beside Myself

Morgan, Kass

The 100 (The Hundred #1)

Day 21 (The Hundred #2)

Morgan, Marie

Getting Lost (The Island #1)

Morgan, S.L.

The Legacy of The Key (Ancient Guardians #1)

Morgenstern, Liora Barash

A Dog’s Luck

Morris, Abeni and Folami

The Exemeus

Morris, Perry

Children of the Blessing

Chaos Rising

Morrow, James

The Last Witchfinder

Mosse, Kate

The Mistletoe Bride and Other Haunting Tales

Mosses, Sandrae

Vanishing Ghosts and Demons

Muhajir, Shabana

Why is the sky blue?

Mull, Brandon

Beyonders: A World Without Heroes

Munro, Davis L.

Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette

Murdoch, Emily

If You Find Me

Murphy, C.P.

St. Matthew’s House

Murphy, Noah

Deltan Skies

Muto, Michelle

Don’t Fear The Reaper

The Haunting Season