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Tal, Shlomi

No Medals Today

Tallaksen, Astrid V.

At Death’s Door (Freefall #1)

Between Heaven and Hell (Freefall #2)

Tallis, F.R.

The Voices

Talty, Stephan


Tarwater, Tirstan J.

Thieves at Heart (Valley of Ten Crescents #1)

Tate, Dina C.

Lizzie & McKenzie’s Fabulous Adventures: Mayhem in Madrid

Tate, Toby

The Black Church

Tarr, Susan

Miranda Bay

Telford, Keira Michelle

The Magistrate

The Misfits

Hurry Home

Thal, Michael

Koolura and the Mayans

Theorin, Johan

The Asylum

Thomas, Jeffrey

Red Cells

Thomas, Matt

A Breach in Death

Thompson, Lee

It’s Only Death

Thompson, Tess


Thorpe, Kara

Sometimes It Is Rocket Science

Witches, Voids and Other Sanity Suckers

Tinnams, G.D.

Hunter No More


Tinti, Natalie

Sewing a Friendship

Magic in Us: The Power of Imagination

Todd, Charles


Tolles, Lynne T.

Blood Moon

Torba, Edward

Matt Monroe and The Secret Society

Torrington, C.

Tales of the Possessed

Toussiant, Travon

The Unexpected

Toz, Karen Pokras

Nate Rocks The World

Nate Rocks The Boat

Tracy, London

The Women Who Love Rome

Traub, Noam


Triana, D.C.

Sunset Reads: Damian & Layla

Trussoni, Danielle


Tsur, Amos & Tsur, Tsafy

The Secret of Being Together

Tucker, Walter III

From Compton to Congress

Tucholke, Genevieve

Between The Devil and The Deep, Blue Sea

Tudor, C.J.

The Chalk Man

Tuhart, Marie

Bound & Teased

Turner, Jennifer

Eternal Seduction (A Darkness Within #1)

Eternal Hearts (A Darkness Within #2)

Turner, Laina

Romance & Revenge (Presley Mysteries #9)

Accessories & Alibis (Presley Mysteries #10)

Turner, Matt K.


Turner, P.H.


Tyler, Pavarti K.

Shadow on the Wall


Ukah, John

Murder at Midnight

Uner, T.A.

The Leopard Vanguard (The Leopard King Saga #1)

The Leopard Stratagem (The Leopard King Saga #2)

Usiskin, Paul

Blood on the Ground



Vale, Jennae

A Bridge Through Time

A Thistle Beyond Time

Her Trusted Highlander

Vanderbeek, Chelsea

Forget Me

Vanhee, Jason

Engines of the Broken World

Vann, Danielle A.

The Whizbang Machine

Van Hoven, Augustina

The Kiss of a Rose

Varna, Lucy

The Enemy Within

Vassilakis, Kathy

I Woof You From The Bottom of my Heart

Verday, Jessica

Of Monsters and Madness

Verdon, John

Think of a Number

Vernor, Eric R.

Eerie America

Villoso, K.S.

Jaeth’s Eye (The Agartes Epilogues #1)

Aina’s Breath (The Agartes Epilogues #2)

Sapphire’s Flight (The Agartes Epilogues #3)

Vine, Mary

A Haunting in Trillium Falls

Void, Stephanie


Running from Secrets

Von Biela, Lisa

The Janus Legacy

Ash and Bone


Von Hoffman, Amanda

Behind Green Glass

Voss, Louise & Edwards, Mark

From the Cradle

Vucak, Stefan

Proportional Response