Book Tours: Book Spotlight for Evoked Potentials


I’m hosting a book spotlight today for “Evoked Potentials”, a murder/mystery novel by author Pat Dannenberg. There’s also a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Participate below!

About the Book

9781491711729_COVER.inddTitle: Evoked Potentials

Genre: Murder/Mystery

Author: Pat Dannenberg

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 346

Language: English

ISBN – 978-1-49171-172-9

 Sadie Ackerman doesn’t have to leave home to find adventure. She is on a trip of descent to the shadow world of her own unconscious, a trip of ascent to the mystery of expanded awareness, and a trip in the mid-world of everyday reality where falling in love with a sexy detective rocks the current organization of her psyche.

A convergence of mystery, murder, maternity, marriage and the Mossad swirls around Sadie as she searches for a new direction in the quiet woods and waters of southern New Jersey and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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Author Bio

The author and her husband enjoy winecations, road trips and water. They spend their time in New Jersey and Virginia.


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Book Spotlight: Reforming the Playboy

reformingplayboyTitle: Reforming the Playboy
Genre: Romance
Author: Inara Scott
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Pages: 162
Language: English
Format: Ebook

Five years ago, she left without a word…

Internationally-renowned artist Max Estin is as well known for his million dollar commissions as he is his partying and clubbing. But Max is hiding a secret—for almost a year he’s been completely blocked. Unable to paint. And to unlock his art, and save his career, he’s going to need the one woman he never wanted to see again.

Now, he’s determined to make her pay…

Kira Estin never told Max exactly why she left, or what secrets forced her to return home to Passion Creek so abruptly. So when a chance reunion turns to seduction, Kira is more than a little suspicious. She knows better than to trust Max, but can’t fight the fire that he lights in her body—or her heart. But when everyone is hiding a secret, can even the hottest passion survive?



 About Inara Scott

reformingplayboyauthorBestselling author Inara Scott grew up on a steady diet of true love, heaving bosoms, and happily ever after. Romance inspired her first novel, penned at the age of 14, titled A Wild and Stormy Passion. Today, Inara writes anything and everything, including young adult fiction and adult romance. Inara loves to hear from readers, and can often be found avoiding actual work by playing on Twitter (@inarascott) and Facebook (


Book Tours: Book Spotlight Immortal Touch


About the Book

9781462073566_COVER.inddTitle: Immortal Touch

Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Author: Ethan Peasley

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 180

Language: English

ISBN – 978-1-46207-356-6

Asael was once a man. Now he drinks blood merely to stay alive. Once a strong warrior who failed miserably in a mission and subsequently killed his evil master, Asael is now haunted by his memories. Others of his kind surround him—Mordecai with his gentle nature, Nafretiti with her passionate spirit, and Cain with his ancient wisdom. But when their resting place is attacked and their coven left broken, together they stand on the cusp of death, prepared to change the face of humanity forever.

From the pristine society of Rome to the filth-ridden dystopia of modern times, dark-hearted friends Asael and Mordecai have always tortured or cured the frail society of humans at their disposal. But while Mordecai seems to becoming more human, Asael fears he is becoming more cold and methodical. As centuries pass, empires crumble, tyrants rise and fall, and humanity falls into poverty and decay—all thanks to an evil aristocrat. When Asael decides to hunt down this blue-blooded tyrant, he soon discovers that sometimes all is not what it seems.

Immortal Touch follows an ancient vampire’s journey through a shadowy life filled with blood, death, and dark sympathy for the humans he encounters.

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About the Author:

Ethan Peasley has always enjoyed reading vampire novels and fairy tales that feature supernatural predators. He began writing fiction in high school and since then has written for a variety of publications. He currently lives in New Hampshire, where he works and is preparing to attend college.

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Book Tours: Book Spotlight To Kill for His Queen

I’m hosting a spotlight today for paranormal fantasy “To Kill for His Queen”. There’s also a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. You can participate by entering the Rafflecopter form below!

About the Book

9781475903454_COVER.inddTitle: To Kill For His Queen

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Author: Carolina West

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 216

Language: English

ISBN – 978-1-47590-345-4

Living in the world of werewolves, vampires, and dark magic can have a certain effect on a child, especially when that child is Hassen Mason, who seems destined to bring ruin to those he loves. Hassen was abandoned as a child and was immersed in the world of magic by the strange creatures that raised him. His lineage was a mystery, but no mystery buried in the past can stay buried for long—especially when that mystery is strong enough to span centuries.

An accident leaves Hassen without memories, and he must find a way to remember who he was and what his life meant to him before his past creeps up and kills him. He encounters evils worse than abandonment—vengeful demons and walking dead. Somehow, Hassen’s family was involved in this dark underworld. Now he has to fight his own internal battle: Is he a good guy or one of the villains?

Then he meets Carissa—a woman he suspects he knew before he lost his memory. She has had a similarly troubled past, and although the two of them are from different worlds, they find a common bond that even dark spirits cannot break. Will Hassen’s good side be strong enough to battle the side that longs to be bad? Will Carissa’s love keep him sane, or will the truth about his family finally cast him into the endless abyss of insanity?

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Book Tours: Book Spotlight for Shadows Present, Shadows Past

ResizeImageHandler.ashx_-200x300Title: Shadows Present, Shadows Past

Genre: Paranormal Fiction

Author: J.H. Sanderson

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 186

Language: English

ISBN – 978-0-59584-269-8

A mysterious legacy from an old neighbor is a dream come true for the Evans sisters.

However, the unexplained phenomenon they encounter soon turns the dream into a nightmare.

The search to discover the explanation for these events uncovers secrets that were never meant to be revealed, including murder!

Will the search for the truth put all this to rest, or plunge them in deeper?

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About the Author:

J. H. Sanderson is a bishop with the Liberal Catholic Church International and lives in New Hampshire with his two sons and four dogs.

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Book Tours: Book Spotlight for From Adam to Omega


I’m hosting a spotlight today for UFO Phenomenon book “From Adam to Omega”. There’s also a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card at the button of the post. Feel free to participate!

About The Book

9781475905045_COVER.inddTitle: From Adam to Omega

Genre: UFO Phenomenon

Author: A.R. Roberts

Publisher: iUniverse

Pages: 522

Language: English

ISBN – 978-1-47590-505-2

Extraterrestrial life has been a philosophical issue that has not been high on the priority list for scientific study. Since the UFO issue revolves around possible alien visitors, however, it is essential to determine if extraterrestrial life could exist and, if so, whether it could visit our world. In From Adam to Omega, author A. R. Roberts provides a comprehensive compendium of UFO phenomena, followed by his interpretations of how those phenomena relate to religious and historical texts.

Roberts provides a commonsense approach and a logical evaluation of the most credible evidence available—evidence compiled by reliable researchers and investigators. He examines a plethora of questions:

• Are UFOs real?

• Were extraterrestrials involved with ancient civilizations?

• Are aliens abducting people and performing strange tests and examinations?

• Does the Bible reveal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation?

• Did the US Air Force really retrieve crashed UFOs and alien bodies?

• Are the military, the government, and NASA hiding the truth?

• Is there evidence of an alien agenda?

From Adam to Omega presents thought-provoking and interesting information as it examines the evidence to determine what is fact and what is fiction. Roberts offers a unique perspective on the UFO mystery.

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About the Author

A. R. Roberts was a musician in the 1960’s and traveled the country with different groups, one of which appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in December, 1964. He later worked in the hotel industry before opening a photography studio. He became interested in UFO phenomena in 1954 while serving as a volunteer in the Ground Observer Corps. Roberts is now semi-retired and lives in Florida.


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Book Spotlight for Ghost Sanctuary

I’m hosting a spotlight today for “GHost Sanctuary”, a non-fiction paranormal / occult novel. Enjoy!

About the Author

Becky J. is an equestrian lover and spends her days in Western activities, teaching, riding, training, and breeding horses. For more information about her unusual nonfiction tale, please visit

About the Book

ResizeImageHandler.ashx_1Title: Ghost Sanctuary
Author: Becky J
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Genre: Non-fiction paranormal/occult
Pages: 166

Ghost Sanctuary is a factual accounting of a family’s struggle with ghosts living in their home. The book explains in detail the happenings faced by the family and their reaction to the invasion of the spirit realm into their own. The book contains fascinating photo and video evidence of what the family has and continues to experience. The author identifies how her own belief in God and the afterlife has helped her to overcome and understand the trials and tribulations of her family’s ordeal.

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