Book Tours: Starter Day Party Accidental Lawyer

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for crime fiction “Accidental Lawyer”. The tour runs from September 13 to September 20. Enjoy the tour!

Tour Schedule

September 13th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

September 15th: Promo Post @ Reading A Page Turner

September 16th: Book Review @ Crazy KALM

September 17th: Promo Post @ Nesie’s Place

September 19th: Promo Post @ Books, Dreams, Life

September 20th: Book Review @ Kim Knight Author

About the Book

Title: Accidental Lawyer

Author: Kim Hamilton

Genre: Crime Fiction

Set in the brilliant and diverse city of Baltimore, Accidental Lawyer, is a humorous, often irreverent portrayal of the dubious practice of personal injury law. Jessica Snow has a crisp new law degree, a grinding ambition, and a pesky moral compass that is often at odds with her new job as an ambulance chaser. Her face and name appear on billboards and buses throughout the city, and if that isn t enough to embarrass her mother, there s a television commercial in the works. Her elevated status has her wrangling with a local mob boss, duping a drug dealer, and confronting phony clients. With the help of her bold and brassy sidekick, Kari, Jess develops a remarkable proclivity for this ignoble profession by wrapping up difficult cases and finding new business in unexpected places. When trumped-up murder charges are brought against her boss, she faces her biggest challenge yet tracking down a killer. Along the way, Jess builds a new kind of family for herself, her own tribe, made up of friends, colleagues and clients, many of whom are sure to raise eyebrows at her mother s dinner table.

Author Bio

KIM HAMILTON was born in the D.C. suburbs and currently resides outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, where they raised their two daughters. After beginning a legal career in real estate, an unusual set of circumstances thrust her into the family’s personal injury law firm. She spent ten inglorious years there as an ambulance chaser—an experience from which she has almost fully recovered. Accidental Lawyer is her first novel.



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Book Tours: Starter Day Party Mercy Row Retribution


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for historical crime fiction “Mercy Row Retribution”. The tour runs from May 16 to June 16. Stay tuned for my review on May 25!

Tour Schedule

May 16th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

May 16th: Book Excerpt @ Ashley Nemer’s Blog

May 18th: Book Excerpt @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

May 20th: Author Interview @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

May 22nd: Book Excerpt @ Just Books

May 23rd: Character Interview @ The Book Daily

May 24th: Book Excerpt @ The Book Gazette

May 25th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

May 27th: Book Excerpt @ Maari Loves Her Indies

May 28th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

May 29th: Book Excerpt @ Bookish Madness

June 1st: Author Interview @ Books are Forever

June 2nd: Book Review @ Books are Forever

June 4th: Book Excerpt @ Nevermind Books

June 6th: Book Excerpt @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

June 8th:  Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog

June 10th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

June 12th: Book Excerpt @ Bookaholic Ramblings

June 14th: Author Interview @ Bedazzled Reading

June 15th: Book Review @  Bedazzled Reading

June 16th: Book Excerpt @ Hollow Readers

About the Book

mrrfrontcoverfinal copyTitle: Mercy Row Retribution

Author: Harry Hallman

Genre: Historical Crime Fiction

While serving as a pilot during the Vietnam War, Gerry Amota, the grandson of Jacob Byrne, the head of a powerful North Philadelphia Irish crime family, seizes an opportunity to create a lucrative marijuana smuggling operation. It’s 1967 and under the secrecy of a classified military operation and with the assistance of a French Marseille Mob, who owns plantations in Cambodia, he is able to send tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana a month to Philadelphia. His grandfather’s criminal enterprise distributes the drug to a population who has developed and insatiable appetite for the marijuana.

A rival French from Paris gang tries to force Amato to buy their product and this triggers war between the Byrne family and the Paris mob.  From the steamy jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia, to the streets of Saigon, Paris and Philadelphia the ruthless actions of the Paris mob threatens to destroy the Byrne family. Gerry Amato orchestrates merciless campaign of retribution against his foes in order to save himself and his family.

In part two of Mercy Row Retribution, the third book in the Byrne family saga, it is April 1975 and South Vietnam is about to fall to the North Vietnamese communist. Gerry Amato fears that the communists will take revenge on the population and especially children, many of whom are Amerasian, at an orphanage he supported and volunteered at during his time as a Pilot. He orchestrates a rescue mission to retrieve the children and bring them to the United States. This takes him and his team into harm’s way in Thailand, across Cambodia and into worn torn Vietnam and back. The fate of 75 children and 30 adults rest squarely on Gerry’s shoulders.

Bonus Section
Mercy Row Retribution includes a bonus section of short true stories of the author and his friends’ experiences growing up in North Philly in the 1940s and 50s. This is a true reflection of what life was like for kids from working class families growing up on the streets Philadelphia.

Author Bio

harryhallmanHallman was born in 1944 and raised in the Kensington section of North Philadelphia. Hallman’s father was Harry Hallman, Sr., a champion pool player who also owned a poolroom called Circle Billiards, located at Allegheny Avenue and Lee Street in Philadelphia. The younger Hallman spent many hours after school at his father’s poolroom and watching his father play in other poolrooms in Philadelphia and New Jersey. The people he met, some belonging to the real K&A Gang, influenced his writing of the Mercy Row series.

After a year of being an apprentice plumber he served four years in the U.S. Air Force, including two tours in South Vietnam as a photographer. His first tour was at Ton Son Nhat Airbase where he processed film shot by U2 Aircraft over North Vietnam and China.  He returned to the same place for his second tour, but processed film shot by U.S. fighter recon aircraft. He is married to Duoc Hallman, whom he met in Vietnam, and has two children, Bill and Nancy, and one grandchild, Ava.

Hallman is a serial entrepreneur who has created several marketing services and digital media companies and continues to work as a marketing consultant.

Email Hallman at Keep informed at or on Facebook at


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Book Tours: Starter Day Party The Grim Spectre


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for crime / pulp fiction “The Grim Spectre”. You can win an autographed copy of “The Grim Spectre” during the tour. Scroll down to participate!

Tour Schedule

December 21st: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

December 22nd: Promo Post @ SolaFide Publishing

December 23rd: Book Excerpt @ Author C.A. Milson’s Blog

December 26th: Character Interview and Book Excerpt @ Compelling Beasts Blog

December 27th: Promo Post @ The Single Librarian

December 28th: Book Excerpt @ Illuminite Caliginosus

About the Book

grimspectre_finalTitle: The Grim Spectre

Author: Ralph L. Angelo Jr.

Genre: Crime Fiction

1937, the world on the brink of war. But in the city of Riverburgh, NY forty miles north of Manhattan there was a different kind of war brewing, it was a war of survival for the common man. A war against the gangsters and thugs who ruled the streets and against the corrupt politicians who turned a blind eye to the evil that ran rampant in Riverburgh.
In a city where everyone had given up hope and cried to the heavens for a savior, a savior had arrived. But was he heaven sent or a monster from hell? A grim, skull faced being who glowed with a terrible brightness. A monstrous creature who wielded twin .45 caliber pistol’s with a deadly and practiced aim, as well as strange and frightening powers that matched his terrible glowing eyes.
But would even the terrible Grim Spectre be a match for the forces the gang lord Phylo Zeus unleashed against him? Even if he was, would The Grim Spectre be able to withstand the attacks of the corrupt Mayor and his police force that dogged his every move? Caught between the twin forces of darkness encompassing the small city of Riverburgh, was The Grim Spectre too little, too late? Or can the supernatural avenger somehow defeat his many foes on both sides of the law while caught between the teeth of their vise of greed and corruption?
Find out within the pages of the New Pulp adventure, ‘The Grim Spectre.’ by Ralph L. Angelo Jr.


Author Bio

Ralph L. Angelo Jr., recipient of the 2014 ‘New Pulp Award’ for ‘Best New Author’ has written novels in the Sci-Fi/Space Opera, Sword and Sorcery, Epic Fantasy and New Pulp as well as non-fiction genre’s. Ralph has also written various stories in anthologies for different publishers in the New Pulp genre as well. In his spare time Ralph is an avid motorcyclist, skier, guitar player and martial artist. All of Ralph’s books can be found at


Twitter: @RLAngelojr

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