Book Spotlight Blast: Daughter of the Sun

About the Book

Title: Daughter of the Sun (Cult of the Cat series, Book 1)

Author: Zoe Kalo

Genre: YA contemporary Egyptian mythological fantasy/paranormal

Word count: 93,000 words / 330 pages


Mystery, adventure, a hint of romance, and the delicious sweep of magic… 

16-year-old Trinity leads a quiet life until fate takes her to the Island of Cats.​

As Trinity tries to solve the mystery of an ancient papyrus, she’s pulled into a vortex of bloody sacrifices, evil curses, and a prophecy that points to a horrifying destiny. 

The author is giving away the first book in the series for FREE to readers who sign up for her mailing list on her website at 



“This was an amazing story!” –Hot Off the Shelves

​“Wow- this book was a stunning, magnificent adventure!” –The Recipe Fairy

​“If you are looking for a Young Adult Fantasy book that is different from the norm, then look no further. Daughter of the Sun is full of Egyptian mythology, with layer upon layer of mystery just waiting to be uncovered.” –Archaeolibrarian

About Zoe

 Storyteller at heart…

A certified bookworm and ailurophile, Zoe Kalo has always been obsessed with books and reading. The pleasure of writing and sharing her fantasy worlds has remained. Today, Zoe passes her stories to you with lots of mystery, adventure, a hint of romance, and the delicious sweep of magic.​

Currently, she balances writing with spending time with her family, taking care of her clowder of cats, and searching for the perfect bottle of pinot noir.

Connect with Zoe Kalo on the web: / Facebook / Twitter

Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Child of War – A God is Born


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for fantasy / mythological “Child of War – A God is Born”. The tour runs from February 8 to March 8. Stay tuned for my review on February 28!

There’s also a tour-wide giveaway for a $25 Amazon GC or PayPal cash. Scroll down to participate.

Tour Schedule

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February 10th: Book Excerpt @ Tome Tender

February 12th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

February 16th: Book Excerpt @ Maari Loves Her Indies

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February 20th: Author Interview @ Boundless Minds

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March 6th: Book Excerpt @ Archaeolibrarian

March 8th: Book Review @ Books are Forever

About the Book

01finalfrontcoverTitle: Child of War – A God is Born

Author: Lisa Beth Darling

Genre: Adult Paranormal / Mythological Contemporary

Do you remember Damien? Raven makes that kid look like an angel.

In book #2 of the OF WAR Series, Ares settles down with his wife, Alena, to await the birth of their son, Raven. As Alena struggles to enjoy what should be a blessed event, prophetic visions of an adult Raven haunt her dreams. Are they true visions or false ones implanted by Cernunnos who told her the boy would bring glory to Ares but only pain and agony to her? The strong but delicate Fey is relentlessly bombarded by hostility from the Olympians making her yearn to be back on Ares’ secluded island home, far away from all the bickering and backstabbing that makes up Life on mighty Mount Olympus.

Before Raven is even born, Zeus outwardly despises him for his Fey blood given to him by his filthy Celtic mother. With no way out and no way to keep his family safe from his father, Zeus the God of Gods, Ares enters into a blood pact that could cost the God of War everything he holds dear.

After a harrowing birth wherein mother and son are nearly lost to Ares, it quickly becomes clear that Raven may be the most powerful and cunning Olympian ever born despite his muddled bloodline.

As Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite plot against the new family by carefully planting the seeds of rage and doubt in Raven’s mind, they turn son against mother. It appears as though Alena’s visions and Cernunnos’ prophecy are coming to life as Raven grows to be a very angry young man.

As the true past between the Olympians and Celts is revealed, the battle for Ravens’ mind and the ultimate control of Olympus begins. Before it’s over, the white snows of Olympus will run red with blood.


Author Bio

lb_darlingIt was in the 4th grade when Lisa Beth Darling discovered she was a naturally gifted writer. For her very first creative writing assignment, the teacher asked the class to pen a story about a baby bird’s first flight and read them to the class. Putting pencil to paper, Lisa was instantly whisked away by a force she couldn’t explain. When they were finished, all of the children read their happy stories to the class. Not Lisa. She got up and told of how the baby bird flew too high, hit a plane, crashed to the ground and died. She told of how the mama bird and daddy bird cried of how even God was upset sending the rains pouring from the sky. The class was speechless when she finished all they could do was stare at her. The teacher kept her after class told her the story was very good but it was different from the others. She asked Lisa if she’d ever heard of Icarus and had she based her story on him. Lisa had yet to encounter Greek Mythology or hear a whisper of Icarus. As Lisa left the classroom the teacher again told her how good the story was but suggested she might want to write something happier next time. Perplexed, Lisa turned and asked her teacher: “Why?” The teacher had no answer. Luckily for us, Lisa never took that teacher’s advice.

Today she brings us complex multi-layered stories rich with the trials and tribulations that make up the world in which we live. Not one to be pigeonholed into any single genre, Lisa’s stories revolve around the intricacies of couples from range the intimacy of lovers, to mothers and sons, and brothers and sisters.

Lisa Beth Darling is 49 years-old, lives in her hometown of New London, CT with her husband of nearly 30 years, Roy. She is the author of more than fifteen novels along with several short stories and non-fiction books.





Twitter: @lb_darling





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Book Tours: Starter Day Party The Blood-Tainted Winter


I’m hosting the starter day party today for mythological fantasy “The Blood-Tainted Winter”. The tour runs from December 16 to December 30.

Tour Schedule

December 16th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

December 16th: Book Excerpt @ Stormy Night Reviewing

December 19th: Book Excerpt @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

December 20th: Author Interview @ Bedazzled Reading

December 21st: Book Excerpt @ Author C.A. Milson’s Blog

December 23rd: Book Excerpt @ Rising Indies United

December 25th: Character Interview @ The Book Daily

December 26th: Book Excerpt @ The Single Librarian

December 27th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

December 30th : Book Excerpt @ Dark Treasury

December 30th: Author Interview@ SolaFide Publishing

About the Book

The Blood Tainted Winter - EbookTitle: The Blood-Tainted Winter

Author: T.L. Greylock

Genre: Mythological Fantasy

Raef Skallagrim wants to take the sea road. His ship is fast and sleek, his crew skilled and eager, and they will seek out new lands and win fame in the eyes of the gods. But Raef’s father refuses to allow the journey and when a stranger brings word that the king is dead and a gathering has been called to choose a successor, Raef must set aside his dream for his duty to his ancestral lands and his father. 

When factions split at the gathering to choose a successor, Raef finds himself mired in bloodshed and treachery. Forced to make an uneasy alliance with a man he does not trust, Raef must navigate the tides of a war among three kings while seeking revenge for cold-blooded murder. 

But winter has come early to Midgard, and even the gods will feel the cold.

The eBook will be free on Amazon from December 18 to December 22 – just in time for Christmas!

Author Bio

T L Greylock is the author of The Blood-Tainted Winter, the first installment in a new Norse saga, The Song of the Ash Tree.  She drinks tea (English breakfast with milk), wears neon colored socks, and once held an epic pigeon racing tournament in the gardens of The Tuileries.


Amazon (paperback)

Amazon (eBook)

Starter Day Party Medusa’s Desire


We’re hosting the starter day party for fantasy romance Medusa’s Desire today.

Tour Schedule

December 7th: Starter Day Party @
I Heart Reading

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December 13th: Author Interview
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About Medusa’s Desire

medusadesireTitle: Medusa’s Desire
Author: E.B. Black
Genre: Fantasy Romance

It all started the day her god raped her.

She transformed into an abomination through his touch. Her skin grew scales. Her eyes turned red. She screamed for help, but all who saw her became stone.

Medusa thought she would be alone forever, until the day a man came to kill her and fell in love instead. Now Perseus is running from those who hired him as he continues to love a girl who could kill him with a glance.

Author Bio

ebblackE.B. Black lives in southern California with her family and two rottweilers. She daydreams about dressing up like a necromancer for Halloween and about new fantasy worlds she can throw her characters into.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Goodreads | Amazon