Book Review: Creative Marketing by Dr. Yaniv Zaid

Title: Creative Marketing: How to Sell more, Get High Prices and Develop Your Business to Success
Author: Dr. Yaniv Zaid
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help, Guide
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Do you want to jump start your business to reach amazing levels?

This book reveals the most innovative and successful tools for increasing your income, building your professional authority, creating and maintaining a community of customers, engaging in creative marketing, and maximizing your sales. Apply the skills and strategies you will gain here, and your business will soar!

Acquire all the skills you need for unprecedented business success!

Learn all about:

  • asking and getting high prices for your products and services, even in a “saturated” market
  • thinking creatively at all times, even in a competitive market
  • turning compliments into income and motivating people to act, even if they had not been planning to buy from you
  • creating a growing community around you and “educating” it to patronize you and not your competitors
  • marketing and selling differently and more effectively than do your competitors
  • making as many people as possible talk about you as much as possible, saying only good things
  • and more…

In “Creative Marketing”, the author showcases some creative, innovative ways oto market objects, and to create and maintain a community of customers, engage and maximize your sales. Using psychological techniques to influence other people’s opinion, this book is informative, scientific and to-the-point.

The book is entertaining and well-written, and the message is interesting and something I will definitely utilize soon. The author apparently also gives seminars, which I think can be helpful too, in addition to the book, to give more real-life examples.

Book Review: The Magnet: The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams by Oriella Paz-Maureen

Title: The Magnet: The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams
Author: Oriella Paz-Maureen
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help
Rating: 3 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Regain the powerful, priceless inner compass that you once possessed naturally!

You were born with a unique, priceless, internal compass. Like any infant, you could direct your surroundings to satisfying your desires, which were very clear to you then. However, as the years went by, your connection with this internal magnet has weakened. The Magnet connects readers to the internal, inherent magnet with which every one of us is born and which opens the opportunity for change and realizing one’s dreams. It is a unique way to attract desired reality, opportunities, and wishful “coincidences” into our lives.

This book will guide you in your self-transforming work to achieve the reality you desire

This method is not magic; it requires working through all four of the echelons of our existence: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic. With methodic practice, which can also be assimilated with unique meditations studied in the course, one is opened step by step to change and success, altering the automatic mode of existence to a conscious and fulfilling life.

“The Magnet: The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams” helps readers to get back in touch with their own internal compass. Infants are more in tune with their surroundings. As adults, we often feel distanced from everyone and everything. This book is meant to help re-connect readers with their inner magnet, with their true self.

I found the book a bit hard to follow. Even the examples weren’t always as straightforward as I had hoped. Some things are described as being easy while in reality, and for someone with little practical experience with meditation and such, it can be hard.

Still, it’s an intriguing book and the message is one that could change many people’s lives, for the better.

Book Review: Small Steps to Great Parenting by Dr. Kalanit Ben-Ari

Title: Small Steps to Great Parenting: An Essential Guide for Busy Families
Author: Dr. Kalanit Ben-Ari
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Rating: 4,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publsher in exchange for an honest review.

Are you drained by the daily power-struggle with your children?

In this book, Dr. Ben-Ari provides concise and proven tips that can be used in everyday family life. With clear examples taken from the author’s research, extensive clinical experience, and personal experience as a mother, the reader will soon learn how to look at issues through the lens of the parent-child connection rather than as a “child behavior problem” that needs to be controlled. This understanding, along with practical tips, will enable one to solve any problem.

…and too busy to read a lengthy, theoretical parenting book?

With small yet highly effective tweaks, parents will learn to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and connection, repair situations when things go wrong, and bring joy, calm, and balance to family relationships in our fast-paced world. This cutting edge book is perfect for anyone who really wants to improve parenting skills with immediate success and acquire building blocks for a strong family relationship.

In “Small Steps to Great Parenting”, Dr. Kalanit Ben-Aari, a parenting expert, gives small but helpful tips on how to become a better parent. Rather than diving off into complicated, long explanations, the tips are short and to the point, with chapters that focus on particular, challenging subjects.

The approach is simplistic and easy to understand, but this adds to the merit of the book and makes it easier to understand for everyone. It also transforms the book into an useful, practical guide.

Not being a parent myself, I’m not really the targeted audience for this type of read, but I enjoyed it nevertheless, and I think that for parents, especially busy parents, this can be a helpful guide.

Book Review: I Can See You Now by Michael Shraga and Ayelet Shraga

Title: I Can See You Now
Author: Michal Shraga & Ayelet Shraga
Genre: Non-Fiction, Parenting
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What dark secrets are your children hiding from you?

This book takes you on a courageous journey into the souls of a mother and a daughter. A unique text, written by them in tandem, exposes what all of us are afraid to discover. Do we really know what is happening with our children? Are we perhaps at times asleep in our relationships? Has our child given up, and what can we do about it? What began as a normal communication breakdown between a rebellious teenager and her Mom—who is juggling studies, a career, raising her children, and preserving a marriage—turns into a nightmare, and secrets that had been hidden for years are revealed.

Encounter a mother and daughter’s true journey of healing, faith, and hope

Slowly, with great patience and caring, the mother succeeds in unraveling the entanglement in their lives, eventually bringing them to the peaceful shores of healing and love. This courageous, gripping book will not leave you unmoved. It provides a mirror through which one can learn to perceive the other without laying blame, to see the other without being judgmental. To give love in the hardest moments is the biggest cure you can hand to your loved ones.

In I Can See You Now, the focus is on the mother-daughter relationship, and the secrets children can keep from their parents – and how, if such a secret is revealed, parents can deal with this shocking rveelation.

I see a lot of myself, back when I was a teenager, reflected in this book.  I can imagine my mother being equally as frustrated with me as the mother is here, and I can see my own frustrations reflected in the daughter’s tantrums.

The author duo does a great job portraying honest, raw emotions in this book, which I’m sure will connect with all mothers and daughters out there who once struggled with their relationship and the turmoil that comes with growing up, and with some of the struggles life throws at us. An inspiring read.

Book Review: New Economics by Micha Dotan

Title: New Economics
Author: Micha Dotan
Genre: Non-Fiction
Rating: 3 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Do you want to learn how society and the economy can be greatly streamlined and improved?

This book offers a revolutionary program of 10 great, innovative ideas that would completely change the face of the economy, making 21st century society equal and just and the economy efficient and user-friendly.

This is the way to a more just and reasonable economic reality for all!

Highlights of the program include:

  • Only one tax (value added tax on fuel and electricity) and cancellation of all other types of taxes, fees, and compulsory insurance
  • Supervision of all pricing via simple sample testing of a limited number of products and services
  • Supervision of advertising with a strict, detailed system that will greatly improve marketing and communication
  • New, fairer methods for determining wages
  • New rules to limit buying and selling of stock shares, prevent speculation, and encourage long-term investment
  • Policies to ensure fairer contracts
  • Buying an apartment without a mortgage by purchasing ownership of a certain percentage of the home and paying rent on the remaining portion

In New Economics, author Micha Dotan offers a revolutionary program of ten innovative ideas that, at least according to the author, could change the face of economy and the world, forever.

Some highlights of the program are: one tax, supervision of pricing and advertising, fairer methods to determine wages, new ways to buy apartments, and policies on fairer contracts – and much more.

However, what intrigued me the most was the idea of one tax. I hate taxes (who doesn’t?) Here in Belgium, perhaps more so than in some other countries, taxes are crippling. While the reason we pay them is to re-distribute wealth, this is only part of the reason, and the re-distribution doesn’t always work well. People in need still don’t get help, people who don’t need help do get it, etc. The system isn’t fair, and taxes are skyrocketing. While double taxation is prohibited by law, it often happens anyway, through “masked” or “hidden” taxes.

I like the idea of one tax to solve, or potentially solve, this system. Some other ideas were interesting too, but I was also wary of some other ideas the author presented, like the limits on buying and selling of stock shares, and supervision of marketing  – I’m quite fond of free speech, of freedom in as many ways as possible, and I’m afraid some of these methods would limit one’s personal freedom a great deal.

All in all, interesting read and thought-provoking theory, but perhaps not one that can exist in practice.

Book Review: Rich Before 40 by Paz Itzhaki Weinberger

Title: Rich Before 40: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth
Author: Paz Itzhaki Weinberger
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Rating: 3,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Do you want to be rich before the age of 40?

This is the ultimate guide book for financial success, to live well and get rich by the age of 40. It shows that with perseverance and dedication to your goal and to a number of basic general rules it is possible to elevate your life to the right path and achieve abundance, even if the starting point was not at all easy… to soar from the depths to the heights.

The wildly successful author of this book will show you the way!

Paz’s philosophy of life and its clear correlation to business is reflected in chapter headings such as: “Insurance and Securities – Critical Tools for Becoming Wealthy,” “Success in the Image of Haters and the Envious,” “Accepting Death as a Part of Life,” “Other People and Why Only They Can Make You Rich,” “Essential Tools for Building a Personal Image of Success,” “Making a Living on the Path to Wealth,” “Social Skills, Networking, Connections, and Rubbing Shoulders with the Elite,” “The Cost of Unnecessary Emotions,” “Gambling, Careless Spending, and Stupidity,” “Law and Accounting – Friends or Foes on the Way to Wealth?” and “The 19 Commandments – Closure.”

In “Rich Before 40: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth“, as you might have guessed, the author describes how you can get rich before you’re 40 by following a simple, straightforward set of rules and being dedicated to your goals.

Despite that, there’s no golden set of rules, not even the ones as described in this book. What works for one person might very well fail for another. Still, the mindset is one that’ll certainly help people overcome challenges, and in that way, it’s definitely a good place to start.

The book might not make your rich, but I’m quite certain if you follow the principles set out in the book, that you’ll certainly be able to improve your own financial situation.

Book Review: You Deserve Better: Success in Real-Life Negotiations

Title: You Deserve Better: Success in Real-Life Negotiations
Author: Yossi Maaravi
Genre: Non-Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What if you could always get people to do things your way?

You Deserve Better will teach you specific strategies and tactics designed to improve your negotiation and persuasion skills. Contrary to popular belief, intuition and life experience are not enough. Academic studies have shown that concrete knowledge from behavioral and social science can be brought to bear as you learn how to persuade and negotiate better.

Sounds great! But can anybody learn these methods?

Written in a fluent and accessible style, this book addresses the general public and aims to help everyone. It is rich in instructive negotiation scenarios, with which anybody can identify: employees with their employers and colleagues; parents with young children about hours of television permitted and with teenagers about curfews; partners about sharing housework and raising children; businessmen with customers, investors, suppliers and partners; politicians with friends and foes alike.

You Deserve Better is packed with “take-away” power!

As editor, Tami Chapnick, remarked after completing the editing process, “I find myself using at least one of the tools that I learned from this book every week.” The insights and useful strategies that it demonstrates will remain with you long after you have finished reading.

As a lawyer, I’m often confronted with discussions and negotiations, and it’s a real skill to be able to determine when you have to apply which skillset in order to obtain something. Sometimes you have to be indulging, sometimes you have to be strict and firm. Reading the situation is one of the most important starting points for good negotiations.

You Deserve Better: Success in Real-Life Negotiations starts by teaching readers specific skills to improve their negotiation skills; describing several scenarios to give the book a real-life feel. As the book says, intuition and experience aren’t always enough, studies of human behavior can also help you in interpreting certain situations and determining how you can persuade others to follow you in this particular situation.

An interesting book that anyone who often deals with negotiations (and basically, anyone, as we all deal with negotiation-situations sometimes) should read.


Book Review: The Folly of Life by Michael F. Kaufmann

Title: The Folly of Life
Author: Michael F. Kaufmann
Genre: Non-Fiction, Proverbs
Rating: 3 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Treasure Every Word!

“I can hardly imagine you falling asleep while reading, but if you do, the proverbs are bound to color your dreams”

“The folly of life” is a book of proverbs containing original sayings by Michael F. Kaufmann. This is his third book in this genre, written – upon request, after the success of his first two books.

Smile if you can, laugh if can’t

“The folly of life” presents an ironic and funny outlook on the true nature of life. It addresses a number of different disciplines which will widen and enrich the readers’ perspective on reality. Humor is an intrinsic part of Kaufmann’s writing and is either presented directly – “If you’re dead serious than you’re seriously dead”, or indirectly – as an advice “if you want to guarantee the popularity of your next book, be sure to insert in it as many flattering photos of its readers”.

“Like an exquisite drink”

The recommendation of the first few readers was to try and resist the temptation of “swallowing” its pages and finishing it in one read. They suggested to treat the book as if it was an exquisite drink which is treasured and tasted in small doses. Thus, to slowly digest the diversity, to challenge the insights, to smile, laugh and enjoy!

The book is an easy read intended for readers who can smile with one eye and shed a tear with the other.

The Folly of Life is not my typical read – it’s a colleciton of proverbs containing original sayings and apparently, already the author’s third book in this particular genre. I had no idea these types of books were still popular.

Still, the humor in this book is pretty awesome and the book conjured a smile on my face on more than one occassion. It focuses on different aspects of life, on the good and the bad, and it manages to show the absurdity of every situation, turning something stressful or annoying into something humorous – a skill more of us should have.

This is an intriguing mix of comedy and tragedy, an unique book, and for that alone, I enjoyed it. Still, the genre isn’t really for me, and sometimes I had to force myself to go back to reading it – the good thing is that you don’t have to read this all at once, you can read a page a day, think about it, and then continue the next day.

Book Review: How To Be Our Own Psychologists?

Title: How To Be Our Own Psychologists?
Author: Meirav Harel
Genre: Non-Fiction, Psychology
Rating: 5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Do you want to end the negativity and start being nicer to yourself?

Are you stuck, in pain, or suffering? Do you want to stop berating yourself and begin to love yourself more? If any of your answers to these questions is positive, this book is for you. Whether or not you are in therapy, you can improve your condition, feel better, and begin being nicer to yourself with “The Trilogy” – an analytic method that interweaves a higher spiritual perspective into our daily reality, granting a new viewpoint that facilitates change, gets through internal or external obstructions, and even leverages them into opportunities for personal growth.

Anyone Can Do It!

Designed for the layman, it contains practical tools to map our consciousness and emotions, help us understand why we behave as we do, change our perceptions, and find out who we really are. Once we connect with the part within us that knows and ask the right questions from that place, even a layperson can perform miracles.

How To Be Your Own Psychologist is a life-improvement, self-help book that tackles issues such as: how can we love ourselves more? How can we let go of negativity? How can we gain insight into who we really are? How can we be nicer to ourselves?

Personal growth is key throughout the book, and not only does it offer helpful tips and insights, it also explains how we can get stuck in spirals of negativity and how we can sabotage our own personal growth.

An insightful read that I would recommend to just about everyone! Let’s all stop bringing ourselves down and become our own most passionate supporter.

Book Review: Conversations About Evaluation by Miri Levin-Rozalis

Title: Conversations About Evaluation

Author: Miri Levin-Rozalis
Genre: Non-Fiction, Counseling & Psychology
Rating: 3 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Hey Mom, what’s this evaluation that you are busy with all the time?

Through the ingenious use of dialogue, this book discusses key issues of evaluation, such as: the origins of evaluation knowledge, the historical and social role of evaluation, concerns about ethics and social justice; dealing with the complexity of the real world; the challenge of giving voice to a broad spectrum of cultures and narratives; and the duties, rights, and responsibilities of an evaluator.

You mean to tell me it’s a real profession!?!

The book analyzes important considerations for conceptualizing and carrying out evaluation in varied programs and projects, providing thought-provoking answers regardless of one’s own approach to evaluation. Providing a coherent professional worldview, it gives the reader an in-depth understanding of program evaluation as a vital, research-based, independent profession.

Both theoretical and practical, this text is an important resource for practitioners, students enrolled in program evaluation courses, and their teachers.


“Evaluation” is just about the most dreaded word in my vocabulary. Even just hearing it, gives me the shivers. Yet, in Conversations About Evaluation, the author managed to make me hate the word a little less…a little.

Evaluation does serve a purpose, and it’s not just to taunt or bully people – its purpose is to gain insight into existing practices, reflect upon them, and help shape a better future. If something worked in the past but it did not always work as was intended, then evaluation can help uncover what went wrong and how this can be improved.

The book focuses on mother-daughter dialogues for evaluation, and makes the subject more interesting, even understandable – and lo and behold, by the end of the book, I didn’t cringe when I heard the word ‘evaluation’ anymore (okay, so I admit,  I still cringed a little, but not that much).