Book Tours: Starter Day Party His Ruthless Bite


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for hisotrical paranormal romance “His Ruthless Bite”. The tour runs from April 15 to May 15. Enjoy the tour!

There’s a tour-wide giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card. Scroll down to participate.

Tour Schedule

April 15th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

April 15th: Promo Post @ Stormy Night Reviewing

April 16th: Book Review @ Tome Tender

April 19th: Promo Post @ The Single Librarian

April 20th: Author Interview @ Boundless Minds

April 20th: Promo Post @ Leigh Anderson Romance

April 22nd: Promo Post @ Maari Loves Indies

April 24th: Promo Post @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

April 26th: Book Review @ Books, Books and More Books

April 27th: Promo Post @ Bookish Madness

April 28th: Book Review @ Bites

April 30th: Promo Post @ Vampyre Lady Book Stuff

 May 2nd: Author Interview @ Kate Hill’s Blog

May 4th: Promo Post @ Indy Book Fairy

May 5th: Promo Post @ Bedazzled Reading

May 7th: Promo Post @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

May 9th: Author Interview @ Dormaine G’s Blog

May 10th: Promo Post @ The Bookworm Lodge

May 13th: Book Review @ Books That Hook

May 14th: Book Review @ Fanatical Paranormal Romantical

May 15th: Book Review @ Recipe Fairy

May 15th: Promo Post @ Teatime and Books

About the Book

His Rutless Bite Almost Final copyTitle: His Ruthless Bite

Author: Brooklyn Ann

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance

The Lord Vampire of Rochester doesn’t do a favor without a price. And now it’s time to collect.

Gavin Drake, Baron of Darkwood is being pestered by nosy neighbors and matchmaking mothers of the mortal nobility. To escape their scrutiny, he concludes that it’s time to take a wife. After witnessing the young vampire Lenore’s loyalty to the Lord of London, he decides she is sufficient for the role.

After surviving abuse from rogue vampires, Lenore Graves wants to help other women recover from their inner wounds. She befriends mesmerist John Elliotson and uses her vampire powers to aid him with his patients. When the Lord of London declares that Lenore is the price the Lord of Rochester demands for aiding him in battle, she is terrified. Will all of her hard work be destroyed by Ruthless Rochester? Yet she can’t suppress stirrings of desire at the memory of their potent encounter.

After Gavin assures her that the marriage will be in name only, Lenore reluctantly accepts Gavin’s proposal. Determined to continue her work, she invites John Elliotson to Rochester. As they help women recover from traumas, Lenore explores her own inner turmoil and examines her attraction to her husband.

Gavin realizes his marriage is a mistake. His new baroness’s involvement with the mesmerist is dangerous. He knows he should put a stop to Lenore’s antics— yet her tender heart is warming his own and tempting him to make her his bride in truth.

As Lenore and Gavin’s relationship blossoms, the leader of a gang of rogue vampires embarks on a quest for vengeance against Gavin… using Lenore as his key.

Author Bio

SONY DSCFormerly an auto-mechanic, Brooklyn Ann thrives on writing romance featuring unconventional heroines and heroes who adore them. Author of historical paranormal romance in her critically acclaimed “Scandals with Bite” series, urban fantasy in the cult favorite, “Brides of Prophecy” novels, and the New Adult hit, “Hearts of Metal Series,” she provides love for the broken and strange.

She lives in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her son, her cat, and a 1980 Datsun 210.

She can be found online at as well as on twitter and Facebook.

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Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Surrender to the Chase


I’m hosting the starter day party for the book tour for paranormal romance “Surrender to the Chase”. The tour runs from August 24 to August 31.

Tour Schedule

August 24th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

August 24th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

August 26th: Promo Post @ Teatime and Books

August 27th: Book Excerpt @ Paranormal Romance…And Beyond

August 28th: Book Review and Author Interview @ Diane’s Book Blog

August 30th: Promo Post @ Bleeding Heart Book Blog

August 31st: Book Review @ Books, Books & More Books

About the Book

AmandaGreene_SurrendertotheChase800Title: Surrender to the Chase

Author: Amanda J. Greene

Genre: Paranormal Romance

A year after the tragic death of his close friend and fellow assassin, Ethan Halstead is ready to take up his sniper rifle once more. But his first assignment is nothing he ever expected. Ethan must hunt and retrieve a beautiful, spirited, alluring werewolf.

Knowing no other way to escape an arranged marriage, Fraya flees from her pack. As she contemplates slipping across the border and heading to South America, she is captured by a dangerously seductive vampire who plans on escorting her back to her family. Even as Fraya vows to make Ethan’s mission as difficult as possible, she can’t resist the riotous desire he sparks within her.

But Ethan isn’t the only predator that peruses Fraya. A powerful rival pack’s alpha wants to make her his mate. Will Ethan be able to keep Fraya safe and return her to her pack? Or will he surrender to temptation and claim Fraya as his own?

Author Bio

2015-03-20 16.35.57Amanda J. Greene is a paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a university student who also works full time. She lives in Southern California with her very supportive husband and their two dogs, a sweet cocker spaniel and a rambunctious blackmouth cur mix. Doing all the above and being a military wife is not easy, but rewarding! Of course, she accomplishes everything with a strong cup of coffee in her hand.




Twitter: AmandaJGreene1





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Book Tours: Starter Day Party for Last Impressions


I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for urban fantasy / paranormal romance “Last Impressions”, the third book in the Marnie Baranuik Files.

Tour Schedule

April 16th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

April 17th: Promo Post @ Nat’s Book Nook

April 18th:  Book Excerpt @ Will Read for Feels

April 19th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

April 20th: Book Review @ Books, Books and More Books

April 22nd: Promo Post @ The Reading Head

April 22nd: Promo Post @ Undercover Book Reviews

April 24th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

April 26th: Book Review @ Fanatical Paranormal Romantical

April 28th: Guest Post @ Bedazzled Reading

April 30th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

About The Book

Last-Impressions-CoverTitle: Last Impressions (The Marnie Baranuik Files #3)

Author: A.J. Aalto

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

When an FBI Internal Affairs investigation lands the Preternatural Crimes Unit in a bureaucratic spank-fest, it feels like the perfect time for Marnie Baranuik to skip town and lend her expertise to a bear-sized Canadian cop who doesn’t want her help with his case, his love life, or his car stereo. Back in her childhood stomping grounds, Marnie leaps into action, facing an exorcist in skinny jeans, a slap-happy specter, and an old friend up to new tricks. Are ghosts behind a string of unusual deaths? Why didn’t her revenant companion, Lord Harry Dreppenstedt, tell her he had a Combat Butler? Can she survive dinner with her parents? With a shifty man of the cloth offering her soul’s redemption, and a revelation that could change the future of her love life, she has her gloved hands full. She may not make a great first impression, but no one makes a Last Impression quite like Marnie.

Author Bio

AJ Aalto is the author of the paranormal mystery series The Marnie Baranuik Files. Aalto is an unrepentant liar and a writer of  blathering nonsense offset by factual gore. When not working on her novels, you can find her singing Monty Python songs in the shower, eavesdropping on perfect strangers, stalking her eye doctor, or failing at one of her fruitless hobbies. Generally a fan of anyone with a passion for the ridiculous, she has a weak spot for smug pseudo-intellectuals and narcissistic jerks; readers will find her work littered with flawed monsters and oodles of snark.

AJ cannot say no to a Snickers bar and has been known to swallow her gum.






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