Book Review: Michelle by Ayala Yoked

Title: Michelle
Author: Ayala Yoked
Genre: Psychological, Romance, Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Michelle is in trouble – but she’s fighting for her ideals!

In this psychological romance a group of university students and soldiers go underground to try to implement ideas about which they are passionate. The French police are after them. Michelle has just been released from jail in France after attempting to damage an arms factory.

Michelle has two lovers – but she’s not in love!

Michelle comes to Israel and rekindles her romance with David, a middle-aged, married professor. Tom, her student lover who had been wounded in war, and Gad, David’s son, are also among the rebels. Michelle is intellectual, arrogant and teasing – and not committed to either of her lovers.

Michelle’s rebel group depends on her – but nothing is simple!

Michelle’s friends know they can rely on her, but they each struggle with their own internal conflicts. David is terrified about his son’s entanglement in illegal activity. His own failure as a soldier still haunts him. David’s sister, Pola, comes to visit and supports their activity. These idealistic rebels will inspire you, despite their dilemmas!

In Michelle, we meet an enigmatic, charming young woman who has a rebellious streak and who is, you guessed it, named Michelle. While Michelle Cohen is the centerpoint of everything and the story, ultimately, is about her quest to fight for what she believes in, the other characters are equally as compelling and bring a lot to the table as well.

Set in Israel, the book not only focuses on Michelle but also on her love life, on the tragedies of life, and even on her time in prison – which she was sent to after getting convicted by the French court after attempting to damage an arms factory.

Michelle is vibrant, full of life, enthralling but also puzzling – to others and to herself. She often doesn’t understand the trauma that drives her to do certain things, and only in hindsight does she understand why she made certain choices. As a reader, you’re right there next to her, discovering her as she discovers herself.

Most of the book takes place in Israel, and the author does a particularly good job describing the towns, streets, and general atmosphere. Even though I’ve never been, I could imagine myself being there.

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About the Book

26181123Title: A Right to Love

Author: Mark Frew

Genre: Gay Fiction / Religious / Psychological

Book blurb: The story is about a non-religious man, called Michael, who is a teacher in a modern college. He meets a student, Polycarp, who is a refugee from Rwanda and who has lost all of his family. Michael decides to travel to Africa to find out if any of Polycarp’s family members are still alive. In the process, he meets a devout Muslim sub-Saharan African man, Ibrahim. Michael and Ibrahim fall in love and as their relationship develops, Michael and Ibrahim have to adjust to each other’s outlooks on life. Throughout the process, the interpretation of both the Bible and the Koran, and how homosexuality can be accepted within this framework are discussed.

Author bio

Mark Frew is a teacher of English to speakers of other languages. He has a bachelor degree in chemistry and is an avid linguist who speaks several languages. Mark Frew is also the author of Mauritian Creole in Seven Easy Lessons, Michael and the Multicoloured Gospel and Farewell My Pashtun.






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About The Book

22583680Title: River Card

Author: Joan Destino

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

“Who was she trying to fool? Herself? A little late for that. She had to win; her survival depended on it.”

Do you have what it takes to lose it all? Find out in Joan Destino’s stunning debut novel, “River Card.”

Georgia Kassov Cates is a business woman, a wife, a mother…and a gambling addict. Desperate to recoup a devastating string of losses, she risks it all for one last game- a game that’s abruptly halted when the Las Vegas casino succumbs to a freak blackout.

Georgia meets some fellow patrons of the Las Vegas casino, including the wealthy Melanie Nallis, a woman haunted by her horrific childhood;  Zivah Koski, an enigmatic elderly holocaust survivor; Phillip Vance, a billionaire casino developer; and Milt Braverman, a professional poker player.

As they get to know each other, a connection is slowly revealed: postwar Germany, a time and place that is reflected in” River Card’s novel-within-a-novel, “Alexandra.”

Alternating between the opulence and depravity of 1940s Germany, and the glamor and baseness of 1990s Las Vegas, “River Card” reflects Georgia’s mounting fears-both past and present-as she plays one last hand…

Author Bio

JoanDestinoAs the daughter of an Army Officer, Joan Destino traveled throughout her childhood, living in many parts of the U.S. as well as Germany. After high school and college in New England, she taught kindergarten in Boston while her husband attended law school. In the early seventies she moved to the Los Angeles area, raising her family in San Marino. She participated in the UCLA Writers’ Program for several years, culminating with several semesters in their Master Novel Writing Class. After playingTournament Bridge for years, shebegan playing casino poker in the mid-eighties. She bought a second home in Las Vegas in the mid-nineties and moved there permanently when her husband retired in 2004. Joan plays both cash and tournament poker including the World Series of Poker at the Rio Casino.




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