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Malice and Forethought:

Short Stories of Malice and Murder

by Felicia Denise

Cover Design: perry elisabeth design

Genre: Crime Thriller / Suspense / Short Stories

Release Date: June 1, 2020

Malice – noun; mal·ice | ˈma-ləs
1 : desire to cause pain, injury, or distress to another
2 : intent to commit an unlawful act or cause harm without legal justification or excuse
//ruined her reputation and did it with malice
Everyone is capable of malice and no one is immune to its outcome.
A Hint of Malice – When her last living relative commits suicide after having her identity and assets stolen, a grieving niece longs for justice.
Burned – When the masterminds behind a major drug operation get off with a slap on the wrists, a frustrated police detective warns them their wealth cannot shield them from everything.
The Marshall Sisters – After seeing her sister mistreated by far too many men, Leslie Marshall is proud of Paula for standing up for herself and accompanies her on a cold winter’s night to confront her boyfriend, but even Leslie isn’t ready for the new, assertive Paula.
The Watcher – Shamed into exiled by his family because of his sexual fetish and hanging on to the shreds of his sanity, a man plots the ultimate date night with his new neighbor.
What’s done in the dark always comes to the light.

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About the Author
After writing as a hobby for most of her life, at the urging of a good friend, Felicia took on the challenge of NaNoWriMo in 2015, writing what would become her first published work, In the Best Interest of the Child. It was released in the fall of 2016. Free, a Novella, which began as a three-installment series on her website, was published as a short story in May 2017.
Currently working on projects in several genres, Felicia plans to release book 2 of In the Best Interest of the Child – Family Matters, as well as anthologies of her suspense and women’s fiction short stories in 2020.
A long-time blogger, she also features books by indie authors daily on her blog, Nesie’s Place.
Felicia lost her husband of nearly 36 years of May of 2019, and is a strong advocate and supporter of the National Kidney Foundation. She has three adult children, four grand-pups, and as one of nine children, she has too much extended family to even go into!
In her free time-when not reading-Felicia sews and enjoys experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen. She always has a cup of robust coffee and far too many pun jokes nearby.

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Book Review: Where Shadows Meet by Nathan Ronen

Title: Where Shadows Meet
Author: Nathan Ronen
Genre: Espionage, Thriller, Mystery
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

It’s up to him to stop the assassination of the King of Morocco and stop chaos in the Middle East.

Arik Bar Nathan is head of the Israeli National Security Council. He has a direct contact with the Prime Minister. Due to the sudden death of the Prime Minister, Arik’s entire life is about to change.

The new Prime Minister seeks a better public opinion of him and demands that Arik serve this need to build a political image as Mr. Security, revealing secrets and showing off the success of military operations. Arik, an honest professional is not willing to take part in any of these fraudulent activities. The PM decides to end Arik’s duty and dismisses him, as well as the head of Mossad, from their positions.

The new head of the Mossad is a cunning character whose ties to the new Prime Minister are anything but professional.

It doesn’t take long for the new head of the Mossad to ask Arik for assistance. The Israeli Intelligence Agency has received information about Al-Qaeda operatives planning to assassin the King of Morocco during the Inauguration event of the big mosque in Casablanca.

Arik is the only one person who can put an end to this plot and is asked to use his abilities and contacts, to assist in this underground mission In Morocco, and save the King together with the French DGSE secret service.

If the King of Morocco is assassinated, there will be chaos in the Middle East and thousands of lives will be lost. Arik and his commando team must get to him first!

Where Shadows Meet is a tapestry of intrigue, wit, drama and dare that enthralls the reader from start to finish. A brilliant espionage thriller that will leave you breathless. It is the remarkable story of those who live in the shadows, working under false identities and behind masks, addicted to adrenaline and control. An intricate tale of passion and danger.

Nathan Ronen’s history with Israeli national security easily conjures the stories of extraordinary people, dedicating their lives to ensuring public security while paying a costly personal price. These people live in the shadows, functioning behind masks and borrowed time, and like many of us, remain terrified of loneliness.

In Where Shadows Meet, Arik Bar Nathan has worked as the head of the Israeli National Security Council under the previous Prime Minister, but after the sudden death of the latter, a new Prime Minister is elected who demands Arik helps him craft a better public and political image.

Arik refuses to take part in any unsavory activities, and is promptly dismissed. However, Arik is soon asked for assistance by the Israeli Intelligence Agency regarding Al-Qaeda operatives planning to assassinate the Kin of Morrocco. Arik is the only person who can put an end to this evil scheme, but he will have to risk his own life to do so.

Action, espionage, this book feels like watching a movie, and a pretty good one at that. The dialogue is fast, the scenes are action-packed, the pacing is tight, and overall, this is an excellent read!


Book Review: Haunted Blood by Elik Katzav

Title: Haunted Blood
Author: Elik Katzav
Genre: Paranormal Mystery / Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A missing reporter is found drained of blood after being murdered in a ritualistic ceremony.

Now, a young boy has gone missing.

David used to be a police detective before he was shamefully dismissed for claiming that a demon possessed an old priest.Now, he is taking odd jobs as a private eye and investigating the disappearance of a missing boy. As his investigation progresses, he becomes certain that supernatural forces are involved.

The theft of an ancient pagan god statue from a museum, a patient in a psych ward who claims she took part in secret sacrificial killings, and a ruthless cult leader who will stop at nothing, all allow David to understand evil things are coming his way.

David must solve the mystery before the clock strikes zero. If he doesn’t find the boy, he will lose himself as well.

In Haunted Blood, we follow main character David, who used to be a police detective before he was dismissed because he claimed a demon was possessing an old priest. Now, David makes a living as private investigator, and it’s this job that leads him to the search for a missing young boy, which is linked to the murder of a missing reporter – found drained of blood in what looks to be a ritualistic ceremony.

Combined with a woman in the psych ward claiming she participated in sacrificial killings, and an evil cult leader, David realizes that the evil he recognized all those years ago has come back to haunt him. And if he wants to find the missing boy, he’ll have to face his own worst fears.

The world-building was great. I read a lot of paranormal mysteries, but to have one set in Israel is quite unique and gave it an intriguing feel. I liked the characters and plot, even if the plot was not that original, the setting and characters definitely made it entertaining!

Book Promo: AntiAmerica by T.K. Falco

About the Book

AntiAmerica stands at the center of the largest US anarchist uprising in 100 years.

When hacktivist group AntiAmerica hacks the nation’s largest banks, the financial industry is left teetering on the brink of collapse. Hacker and teen runaway Alanna Blake is forcefully recruited by the government to track down the only link to AntiAmerica, her missing ex-boyfriend Javier. She relies on every bit of her social engineering cunning to navigate a conspiracy of lies and deceit, which imperils both the lives of everyone closest to her and the secrets to a past she longs to remain locked away forever.

Author Bio

T.K. Falco is the author of AntiAmerica. A Vermont native and longtime Texas resident, T.K.’s present address varies depending on the month.

T.K. earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Minor in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California. A former corporate marketing professional, T.K.’s current efforts are devoted to writing and financial trading. Interests include anime, board games, card games, comic books, Dallas Mavericks, meditation, MMORPGs, movies, tennis, travel and ultimate frisbee.

A digital nomad and foodaholic at heart, T.K. comments about related topics, as well as life as an indie author. For more about T.K.’s musings and upcoming projects, you can visit


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Book Review: Slowly Melting by Yuval Hollander

Title: Slowly Melting: When The Sun Sets Off the Bomb
Author: Yuval Hollander
Genre: Action, Adventure, Technothriller
Rating: 4,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The combined forces of nature and science make for devastating global impact

On a California air force base, concealed long-range missiles are poised for action. Helicopters circle overhead and heavy radar equipment is put into place. The most momentous, sensitive, and dangerous military experiment in the history of the world is about to begin. Deep in the underground command bunker a final briefing takes place with the US president via video stream. On a large screen, a live feed from NASA’s solar radiation monitoring system displays the progress of a dreaded solar storm.

Will a horrendous solar storm carry the threat of nuclear destruction?

When the storm hits its peak, the window for launching a nuclear-armed Minuteman Missile will open. People around the world begin to realize that their worst fears about the portended storm were coming true, as satellites, electric grids, and GPS devices go haywire. Meanwhile, leaders of the United States and North Korea have their fingers poised over their so-called “red buttons,” ready to ignite nuclear war at any time. But will the sun set off the bomb?

Slowly Melting describes a harrowing future image. An air force base in California, where long-range missiles are ready for action, and an underground meeting is taking place with the US president. A live feed of NASA’s solar radiation monitoring system plays in the background – showing the progress of a dreaded solar storm.

With GPS systems going haywire, electric grids and satellites failing, both the USA and North-Korea sit ready to unleash nuclear war at any moment.

The author has a nice writing style that brings the book to life, with plenty of suspense and thrills, and with just the right amount of reality woven into a fictional story. To think a scenario like this could possibly happen in real life is chilling. From the first page to the last, this is an intriguing, nail-biting, suspenseful thriller.

Book Review: Broken Code by Rafael Malul

Title: Broken Code
Author: Rafael Malul
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 3 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Amos thought he’d seen everything… but then along came gorgeous Gabriel!

Amos Barda, a typical Israeli macho man and well-known womanizer, meets beautiful Gabriel, who turns his head and breaks through the many walls of his heart. The love affair between these two highly adventurous individuals leads to some international complications. Gabriel’s father, an agent of the infamous German Stasi turned CIA agent, has in his possession some highly confidential documents wanted by both the Americans and the Soviet Union. He is forced to go underground in order to protect his daughter after the assassination of his beloved wife.

Can Amos outmaneuver spies the world over to save his main lady?

Amos’s relationship with Gabriel’s drags him into a crazy international espionage story, and this former Israeli combat soldier with a rich life story manages to fool the CIA, KGB, and Israeli Security Agency. Amos becomes an Israeli James Bond, but can he rescue the love of his life in this sensual, electrifying tale of adventure?

In Broken Code, protagonist Amos Barda is a womanizer in the vein of James Bond, not looking to settle down any time soon, and always looking for the thrill of adventure. But then he meets Gabriel, who turns his world upside down. As adventurous as he is, as beautiful as he could ever imagined, Gabriel is everything Amos ever dreamed of. But Gabriel’s father is a former Stasi-agent now turned CIA, and he has several documents in his possession that both the Soviet Union and the USA want, at any cost, and he’s forced to go into hiding in order to protect his daughter.

If Amos wants to protect his Gabriel, he’ll have to outmanouver the CIA, KGB and the Israeli Security Agency, all at the same time.

The writing in the book isn’t very lyrical – it’s down-to-earth in a rather raw, blunt style, but I didn’t really mind given the focus in the book was more on action and mystery than on writing anyway. The love story is a little predictable as well, but as it’s a side story and not the main focus, I didn’t mind. The mystery itself is a solid one, the thriller/espionage aspects are well thought through.

All in all, a good read for fans of epsionage/thrillers and James Bond.

Author Interview Gazelle in the Shadows

How long have you been writing?

My novel “Gazelle in the Shadows” is my first serious writing but I have always loved writing.  I first started writing a diary when I was in elementary school.  I recently read one of my earliest diaries which made me laugh because of a funny spelling mistake. I wrote “use your woolly” instead of “usually.” I thought that was cute.

  • What is your favorite genre to write?

I love to write thrillers especially espionage.

  • Which genre have you never tried before, but would you like to try out?

I would like to try out a true crime story.  I enjoy watching and reading detective stories.  “Gazelle in the Shadows” has clues throughout the plot which the reader can use to guess the ending.

  • Please tell us about your book.

Gazelle in the Shadows is a tense, fast-paced political espionage thriller, based in the Syria of the nineties. Elizabeth is a hopeful, adventurous and romantic Arabic student who sets out for Damascus for her year abroad. During her time there, Elizabeth improves more than just her Arabic as she falls headlong in love, not only with her beau, but also with the Syrian culture. But while the passion is mounting, the unsuspecting Elizabeth – and we, the reader – are drawn into a world of politics, intrigue and terrorism.

  • Which character was your favorite, and why? Which character was your least favorite, and why?

The protagonist, Elizabeth Booth, was definitely my favorite as she is me.  The story is mostly based on my life so I found it easy to write about myself. The least favourite was my father as I had a troubled relationship with him and although it is obvious in the novel that Elizabeth has a difficult relationship with her father, I didn’t go into great detail as it conjured up some strong emotions for me.

  • What was the hardest part about writing your book?

I relied on my memory for names of buildings, places and locations in Syria.  When in doubt, I turned to Google to verify facts but it often took a long time to find them on the internet from that time period.  The internet was flooded with pictures and news from the decade long conflict.

  • What is your writing routine? Are there things you absolutely need to start writing?

I am a night writer as I enjoy the quietness of the house late at night when my children and husband are asleep. Before I start, I have to feel warm and comfortable with my fluffy socks and cozy PJs on. (I crank up the AC in the summer)

  • How long did it take you to write your book from start to finish?

I took approximately three years to write it but I did go through some slow months during that time.

  • Can you tell us about your editing process?

My first step was to enroll in a creative writing class that not only helped me to be committed, at least on a weekly basis, to writing but also it helped me to plan the beginning of a story arc.  I was lucky to meet and become friends with one of the teachers who did freelance editing.  When I was ready to produce chapters, he became my go-to-editor and super fan.  He has been with me throughout the three years and I’m very grateful for his support and help.

  • Is this book part of a series? If so, how many installments do you have planned?

I have only one sequel in my head although I have not begun to write it yet.

  • Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

I would advise aspiring authors to commit to a class like I did as it made me accountable in the early days to writing the story.

  • Why should everyone read your book?

My hope is that people will want to read about the Syria which I came to know before the conflict began. To read about the beauty and history of its lands and the hospitality and traditions of its people which have been irrevocably changed.

  • If you could meet three authors, dead or alive, which authors would you choose?

I would love to meet Gertrude Bell, and talk to her about her travels in the early twentieth century to the Middle East.

Also, Fadwa Tuqan who was a renowned female Palestinain poet. I did my thesis on her work in my final year at Durham University.

Lastly, I would love to talk to J.K. Rowling about how she got started and her path to success.

  • What inspired you to write your book?

I was inspired to write because I am stay-at-home mom and I wanted my children to know what I had done in my former career as a diplomat traveling all over the world before settling in America.

  • Are you working on something at the moment? If so, can you tell us more about it?

At the moment, I am consumed with marketing my book but when that is over, I will start to plan the sequel to “Gazelle in the Shadows.” The sequel will be based in Dubai where Elizabeth will be working undercover for MI6. The sequel will be based in Dubai where Elizabeth will be working undercover for MI6 and faces some familiar adversaries.

About the Book

Gazelle in the Shadows is a new political thriller by Michelle Peach. The novel takes place in Syria and is largely based on the authors real life experiences.

“For many years, I have wanted to write this book. The story is largely based on my life,” says Michelle Peach, author of Gazelle in the Shadows. “Although a majority of the novel is entirely true, there are parts that are fictionalized.”

Synopsis –

In the mid 90s, Elizabeth Booth, a young British college student studying Arabic at Durham University, travels to Damascus to immerse herself in the Syrian language. Taken aback by the generosity and kindness of the people there, she easy slips into a life in the ancient city. She has friends, her studies, and even a handsome boyfriend. But things aren’t always as they seem. Soon, in a world where mistrust and disloyalty are commonplace, Elizabeth finds herself navigating a web of lies, betrayals, and a murder involving MI6, deadly terrorist factions, and the shadowy Syrian secret police.


From the Prologue –

When I traveled to Syria as a Durham student in 1992, I knew very little about the country. From the onset, I was overwhelmed by their welcome. But the longer I stayed in Damascus and especially when I started working for Dr. Andrew Rathmell, as his Arabic translator and assistant researcher, the more I understood of Syria’s tumultuous and violent history. At the time, Hafez al-Assad, the President of Syria since 1971, was at the height of his autocratic power and the country was in a state of relative calm since the end of the Gulf War in 1991. His vast security apparatus was evident on every street corner whether army, police or civilian informants. My travel guide dedicated an entire page to the various types of mukhabarat, secret police, present in the country but also reassuringly wrote that Syria was a “safe” country for travelers. Not so obvious was the fear, paranoia and suppression which his people lived under…

Praise for Michelle Peach’s Gazelle in the Shadows:

“Compellingly realistic and packed with both psychological and physical action, Gazelle in the Shadows adds an extra layer of cultural understanding to its espionage thriller theme.” -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

 “Peach integrates myriad plot developments into her exciting and ambitious work … The central conceit is both original and compelling.” -BookLife Prize

“Michelle Peach brings Syrian culture and cityscapes to life with her descriptions and characters… the author is able to accurately capture a specific moment in Middle Eastern history that still has ramifications on modern-day Syrians. For those looking for a glimpse into new cultures with a taste of a spy thriller, Gazelle in the Shadows will both warm your heart and send shivers down your spine.” -Red City Review

“Gazelle in the Shadows is both a coming of age story and a reflection of life in the looking glass world of Hafez al-Asad’s Syria. While told through an intensely personal lens, Michelle’s story provides a sideways look at a Syria that is now gone but also hints at some of the underlying factors that contributed to the country’s ongoing agonies. The book is an unusual combination of bittersweet student memories, geopolitical machinations, and “factionalised” adventures; well worth a read.”– Dr Andrew Rathmell, Author of Secret War in the Middle East: The Covert Struggle For Syria 1949 -1961

About the Author

Michelle Peach graduated from Durham University in 1995 with a B.A. in Arabic with Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. During 1992, she spent her second year of college studying abroad at the Arabic Teaching Institute for Foreigners in Damascus. Since then, Michelle’s love for Syria has never been far from her thoughts. When the unrest began in 2011, her determination to start writing Gazelle in the Shadows intensified. “I was distraught and appalled by the suffering of the people and by the destruction of its historical sites in Aleppo, Palmyra, Bosra, Homs, Damascus and elsewhere. I know that many will not have the opportunity to see the sights of Syria due to the ongoing conflict, but I hope that through my story readers can enjoy the cities, landscapes and culture of Syria.” Gazelle in the Shadows is set to be released in September 2018, published by IngramSpark.

Michelle lives in Atlanta, GA. She is a stay-at-home mom, married with three children. Readers can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads. To learn more, go to

Book Tours: Author Interview Doctor Perry

  • How long have you been writing?

                My first time slip novel, Fifteen Postcards, was published in 2015. It took eighteen months to write Fifteen Postcards. It took twelve months to write the sequel, The Last Letter, which was published in 2016. My last two novels, both psychological thrillers, took eight months each. I thought I could get it down to six months, but I suffer dreadfully from procrastination!

  • What is your favorite genre to write?

I love falling down internet rabbit holes while I research my time slip novels. But to be honest, and don’t tell my first two books, I am enjoying writing my thrillers a little bit more. I feel that this genre gives me a lot more freedom to be creative with the truth.

  • Which genre have you never tried before, but would you like to try out?

One of my favourite series to read has been George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series. I love reading it, but the world building always seems beyond my capabilities as an author, so I’ve never set anything on a different planet or in an alternative fantasy world. It’s tempting, but I’m too scared to try!

  • Please tell us about your book.

My father died twelve years ago, so my mother has been living on her. A little while ago she started looking at moving into a retirement village, so together we toured all the rest homes and retirement villages in our general area. Some of them were less than desirable. It struck me that not all retirees have the same ability to live out their golden years in a safe and happy environment, and that to some extent they are prisoners in their own rooms, where the staff decide what time you go to bed, what you eat, when you eat. That shaped the bones of Doctor Perry. My mother-in-law has terrible arthritis in her fingers, and also lives in a retirement village, but she lives an amazingly active and social life, very far removed from the residents in Doctor Perry. She’s living the life every retiree deserves, apart from the arthritis. So combining those true life experiences, and with everything in the news about human trafficking, and the number of women I know who have had trouble conceiving, and voilá! A story about a doctor who has a ready supply of society’s forgotten elderly, who don’t have a voice of their own to complain about their treatment at his dastardly hands. A doctor making money, not by curing the sick, but by selling them off to the highest bidder, to couples who would do anything for a baby of their own.

  • Which character was your favorite, and why? Which character was your least favorite, and why?

I very much enjoyed writing the character of Ricky Donovan. In a previous life I was a Customs Officer, fighting international crime. I had a little bit to do with drug interceptions and was the manager of the Dog Unit for a while. Writing the paranoia of Ricky was a lot of fun. essentially I tried to harness the peculiar feelings and hallucinations I had the one time my doctor gave me pethidine, and magnify those a hundred times! I also spent a weird hour on a message board reading posts about drugs and all thing drug related. I can only imagine what my Google search history looks like…

  • What was the hardest part about writing your book?

As with all my books, the hardest part is the bit in the middle. At around 30,000 words, I tend to freeze up, can’t imagine how I’ll finish the thing, or where it’s going, and that’s the point when I think it’s really no good, and that I should go back to working in the family antique store which would be a lot easier, and more fun. But, after struggling through that road block, the next hardest thing is staying off the internet… I am a terrible procrastinator, and tend to do most of my writing between 2pm and school pick up time!

  • What is your writing routine? Are there things you absolutely need to start writing?

In theory, I try to write 1,000 words a day. It doesn’t happen every day though. In the mornings, after school drop off, I faff about on the internet, try to watch a relevant author interview or listen to a writing podcast, drink some more coffee, do the dishes, laundry etc, and then by about 11am I am ready to start working. I am meant to be writing the third instalment in my time slip series, and I am, but I’ve also started jotting down key plot points for my next thriller.

  • How long did it take you to write your book from start to finish?

Doctor Perry took eight months from start to finish. I was aiming for six months, but the summer holidays really got in the way. I was having more fun on the beach with my children, and that’s the way it’s meant to be. I don’t think I should ever write over the summer holidays – everyone’s mind needs a rest, and family time is so important.

  • Can you tell us about your editing process?

I do a complete read through myself, one chapter at a time, making notes about plot issues, and correcting errors. Then I edit every chapter using ProWritingAid, and then it gets sent to two Beta Readers – one American reader and one English reader. I need to make sure I haven’t used any New Zealand colloquialisms that those two readers don’t understand. And then off to the editor. Even now, I’d be more than prepared to change something if a reader pointed out a flaw.

  • Is this book part of a series? If so, how many installments do you have planned?

After writing my time slip series, I’d rather not write another series again. After I finish writing Telegram Home, I will only be writing stand alone novels from here on in.

  • Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Find your tribe. Being an author is a lonely career, and you need another author friend on the end of the phone or Facebook messenger, to bounce things off. Marketing ideas, plot issues, editing software advice. It is very easy to get buried in an avalanche of advice, good and bad, so find that person, or those people, or are at a similar stage in their writing career as you are, and help each other.

  • Why should everyone read your book?

Reading Doctor Perry will certainly make you consider how you’ll be spending your retirement years! Will you be living in a squalid inferior old folks home, abandoned by your family? Or will you make the effort now to cultivate friendships and family relationships so that your golden years will be vibrant and full of love?

  • If you could meet three authors, dead or alive, which authors would you choose?

I would love to meet JK Rowling. Her Harry Potter series was the most wonderful reading journey I’ve ever been on. And one which bridged the generations – my mother loves the books, my daughters love the books, and I love the books. I also want to meet Stephen King. He is a true master of writing. I’d also like to spent some time with Hemingway. I’ve been to Cuba, and have visited his house. I’ve read biographies about him and his wives, and every aspect of the man fascinates me. I think part of that attraction is that I’d just like to live in his house in Cuba and write!

  • What inspired you to write your book?

After my father died, my brother and I both quit our jobs to run the family antique store. I’ve always been in love with old things, so it wasn’t a hardship. When I was younger, I remember my father buying a Lladro statue of a regular customer. Some time later the police visited the shop and told Dad that the regular customer — a well dressed, middle aged woman, was stealing from the rest home she worked in, and selling the stolen belongings all around town, including selling Dad the Lladro statue. It made me think how easy it must be to steal from the elderly, when ever-changing staff are in and out of their rooms, and perhaps the residents are a bit befuddled in their old age, and their families never visit to query the missing china statue or the gold watch or the pearl necklace? So once again, it was the antiques which kick started the plot for Doctor Perry, just as it was for my gothic horror novel Painted.

  • Are you working on something at the moment? If so, can you tell us more about it?

At the moment I am finishing the third book in my time slip series. Telegram Home has to be with my publisher by 1st August, so of course my procrastination has stepped into overdrive! I’ll be pleased to get it out of the way, so I can start work on my next novel, which is tentatively titled The Mask Seller. Set in modern day Venice, it too will be a thriller, with an Italian flavour.

Doctor Perry

Under the Hippocratic Oath, a doctor swears to remember that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon’s knife or the chemist’s drug.

Doctor Perry assures his elderly patients at the Rose Haven Retirement Home that he can offer warmth, sympathy, and understanding. Doctor Perry is a liar.

Hiding from a traumatic past, Elijah Cone wants nothing to do with the other residents at the Rose Haven, content to sit at his window waiting to die. He’s about to learn that under Doctor Perry death is the easy option…


 Amazon US

Amazon UK

Author Bio

For many years Kirsten McKenzie worked in her family’s antique store, where she went from being allowed to sell the 50c postcards as a child, to selling $5,000 Worcester vases and seventeenth century silverware, providing a unique insight into the world of antiques which touches every aspect of her writing.

Her historical fiction novels ‘Fifteen Postcards’ and it’s sequel ‘The Last Letter’ have been described as ‘Time Travellers Wife meets Far Pavilions’, and ‘Antiques Roadshow gone viral’. The third book in the series ‘Telegram Home’ will be released in November 2018 by Accent Press.

Her bestselling gothic horror novel ‘Painted’ was released in 2017, with her medical thriller ‘Doctor Perry’ following closely in April 2018.

She lives in New Zealand with her husband, her daughters, an SPCA rescue cat and a kitten found in the neighbour’s shed, and can usually be found procrastinating on Twitter under the handle @kiwimrsmac.






Book Review: Wild Prey by Yossi Uzrad

Title: Wild Prey
Author: Yossi Uzrad
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Shlomki is haunted by memory of the woman, left for dead, whose life he saved 20 years ago. Shlomki, a park ranger in the Sea of Galilee region in northern Israel, is haunted by the rape and attempted murder of a young tourist who came to see the sites where Jesus performed his miracles. He found the young woman left for dead by the side of the road in a national park. She survived, but police were unable to solve the case and eventually dropped it. Shlomki teams up with Amir to defy all-powerful local authorities and seek justice Shlomki s earnest and naïve demeanor leads him into conflict with the local security forces, who are used to bending the rules as they please. Amir, a Bedouin who works for the tax authorities, is sent to investigate Shlomki’s finances, but the two end up joining forces and reopen the unsolved case. Together they pursue the murder investigation, discovering much more than they had been seeking about the powerful men of the secret forces who control the land.

Twenty years ago, Shlomki, a park ranger found a young woman, raped and on the brink of death, by the side of the road near the national park where he works in Northern Israel. The events have haunted him ever since, and even though police has dropped the case, Shlomki can’t let it go.

Amir is initially called in to check Shlomki’s finances, but as he too is troubled by the injustice of this world, the two of them end up combining ofrces – and eventually reopening the unsolved case, which leads them straight to secrets that could cost them their lives. For the all-powerful don’t like it when you dig up their dirty little secrets…

The story is vivid and gripping, all the way from the past to the present. Shlomki is an intriguing main character, complex and flawed, and he’s just the kind of character who can carry a story this grim, and through whom the reader to deal with a truth this ugly.


Book Review: In The Wrong Hands by Avi Domoshevizki

Title: In The Wrong Hands
Author: Avi Domoshevizki
Genre: Technothriller / Crime / Thriller
Rating: 5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

In the Wrong Hands, a thriller full of unexpected twists and intriguing characters, delves into the real-life world of DNA editing, where science and science fiction are about to meet and change the face of medicine forever

Two unrelated bodies…

A homeland security agent is found dead. Shocking evidence reveals the cause of death is the simultaneous collapse of the man’s blood vessels. When a second body, sharing the same gruesome symptoms is found the hunt is on for a frightening new kind of killer.

Two friends fighting for their lives…

A vicious assault on his leading genetics researcher puts Dr. Ronni Saar, the CEO of Double N, and his friend Gadi, a former military police investigator, on the trail of a sophisticated killer. The deeper Gadi digs, and the more he learns, the more dangerous the terrain becomes. When the search for the truth puts the two men and their wives directly in the path of the killer, they learn a painful truth – no one is beyond suspicion.

And then the killer knocks on their door…

After a long year of research, the author, an experienced high-tech entrepreneur, paints a realistic and sometimes frightening picture of where the science of DNA manipulation can go when left in the wrong hands. Science or science fiction? You decide.

When a body is found with as cause of death the simultaneous collapse of the man’s blood vessels, that’s shocking. When a second body is found, with the exact same cause of death, that’s enough to cause panic. A new, highly sophisticated killer is on the loose…

Ronni Saar, CEO of Double N, a genetic research organization, and Gadi, former military police investigator, are the two men perhaps most-equipped to catch the killer. But the search for the truth could lead them right to the killer’s doorstep, putting their own lives, and the lives of their family, at risk.

Despite containing a lot of technical and medical information, this was explained in an easy, straightforward way that made it easy to understand. Despite the fast-paced plot, it’s the characters, intriguing, three-dimensional, complex, that carry the story.

Science and science fiction collide in this mind-bending thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.